Wanzl Access Control Systems

Effectively manage and direct the flow and travel path of your customers or guests with our turnstile systems, entrance and exit barriers, and access control systems. We stock German designed, engineered and manufactured access control systems that have been created with space, elegance and operability in mind.

In partnership with Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH, we distribute these access control systems in Australia which are used throughout the world in various large and small retail, entertainment, and office environments. Our access control systems help you protect your business, provided you with informative data and effectively automate entrance and exit procedures.

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Wanzl Access Control Systems Supplier in Australia

We have selected turnstile systems, entrance and exit barriers, and Wanzl access control systems that reflect what our customers need.

We understand that our customers want access control system that can be tailored to their business layout and specifications. We have the capabilities to design a system to suit your requirements.

Among our products, we distribute systems which range from our manual turnstiles through to our intelligent eGate. Whether you need to manage the flow of pedestrians, calculate the number of pedestrians, remotely control pedestrian access, allow single or multiple pedestrian entry, manage two-way pedestrian traffic, or securely partition the access control system to minimise unauthorised access, we stock the products that are appropriate for you.

Key Features of Our Wanzl Access Control Systems

Custom Design

The access control system can be constructed to suit the dimensions of the opening to your business. We stock barriers and gates together with complementing partitions and fences to help you enhance your entrance and exit.

Most of our systems are fabricated with quality finishes including high gloss chrome and plastic-powder coating and are available in nine attractive colours to suit your décor.

Variable Settings

Our barriers and gates can open either from the left, right or synchronised in the middle and our turnstiles can rotate in both directions with manual or automatic control. This helps you to manage the flow and direction of pedestrians to ensure your business is secure.

Our Wanzl access control system gates can be set to have an opening time between 1 and 16 seconds. Longer times are ideal for wheelchair and disabled patrons. There is also a standard anti-panic exit function across our entire range should the power be disabled or an emergency situation occur.

Misuse Warning System

All systems are fitted with alarms (and also strobes in some products) should the gates or turnstiles face tampering or misuse. This helps to ensure staff operating the business are aware of potential security breaches and can immediately action remedial steps to prevent business loss and disruption.

Intelligent Features

While all our systems boast intelligent features, our eGate represents the cutting edge of technological development and meets even the most demanding needs. With its intelligent sensors and multifunctional high-tech equipment, the system also marks the transition to new worlds of shopping, with self-scanning and self-payment features available.

We service Australia-wide including MelbourneSydneyBrisbaneAdelaideCanberra & Perth.