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Made in Germany Made in Germany
Atlas Turnstile

The Atlas turnstile offers maximum security, control and protection at your entrance and exit points.

These full-sized turnstile barriers prevent persons misusing entrance and exit infrastructure to their advantage.

Secure your premises or facility with these purpose-built turnstiles that offer floor-to-ceiling coverage.

Atlas turnstiles have been specifically tried and tested for entrances such as in works perimeter access systems, sporting and recreational facilities and open-air swimming pools.


Turnstile with barriers or arms, 90° or 120°. Maintenance-free, electric motor drive. One-way and two-way operation possible. Easy assembly and integration with supporting entrance and exit point infrastructure and fencing.


Polished stainless steel barrier bars, channelling elements and uprights. Polished stainless steel, hot galvanised steel or powder coated bridge.


Clearance signal in direction of entry and exit using potential-free contact (e.g. card reader, operating panel, button, etc.).


Canopy on request with gutter and lighting. Mount for card reader. Construction set for automatic locking in the event of a power failure.

  • Reliable and proven technology for indoor and outdoor use
  • Barrier elements in 90° or 120° arrangement
  • Integrated control for two-way operation
Electricity Supply 230 V~ 50-60 Hz.
Power Consumption Max 50 VA 50 VA
Manufacturing Standard ISO 9001 ISO 9001
Operating Temperature -25° to 40° -25° to 40°
Power Disconnected The turnstile can be turned freely when the power is disconnected. Integrated control unit. The turnstile can be turned freely when the power is disconnected. Integrated control unit.

Customer Reviews

  1. Maria

    The full sized turnstile has been installed at the tennis courts to regulate patronage. Easy to control and provides great security to our facility.

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