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EasyGo Turnstile

EasyGo turnstiles have a compact and traditional design that are suitable for a variety of uses.

Efficient in use for a sustained number of years the EasyGo Turnstile is an excellent long term solution for a wide variety of situations. The EasyGo turnstiles can be integrated with perimeter infrastructure to provide maximum security and access control regulation to the facility.

The EasyGo turnstile is an appropriate choice if you are looking for a reliable individual entry separation with minimal space requirements for areas short of space. EasyGo has the flexibility to allow entry permission through card readers, coin operation, operating panel, ticketing system or according to a specific  requirement with co-ordinated channelling elements.


Fully enclosed stainless steel casing and pivotal centre. Tried-and-tested, low-maintenance mechanism. Bespoke programmable controls and can be adapted to suit individual customer requirements. Can be integrated into the building management system. Interface for security products and time recording systems. Can be turned freely when the power is disconnected.

System integration

Access can be combined with ESD technology


Polished stainless steel.

Operating panel

For any additional, manual releases, the display shows operation conditions, counter status, error messages and warnings. Connection of up to two turnstiles. Adjustment of control parameters.

Optional equipment

LED release signal lighting, crawl/climbing guard with acoustic alarm, sensors for non-contact rotation, emergency button.


Partitions act as channelling elements and can be combined with transparent or printed glass depending on branding or interior design requirements.

  • Space-saving solution for assembly on walls or uprights
  • In compact stainless steel housing
  • Available with 2 or 3 arms.

Customer Reviews

  1. Margaret

    Traditional turnstile mechanism. We use these at our sports centres. Members swipe their card to access and helps us to monitor patrons.

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