Ecoport Beam/Reader Gate - Wanzl Access Control Systems

Made in Germany Made in Germany
Ecoport Beam/Reader Gate

Access control system using light beam or light beam and radar triggered opening. It’s elegant and space-saving design is complemented by high quality finishes including high gloss chrome and plastic-powder coating (9 attractive colours). Basic “H” pattern shown. Other configurations available.

  • Triggered by infrared light barrier or radar motion detector.
  • Low service voltage (24V).
  • Standard anti-panic function – maintained even if the system is switched off.
  • Opening time adjustable between 1 and 16 seconds.
  • Can open from left, right or synchronised.
  • Power supply from top or bottom.
  • Model suited for passage of wheelchairs.
  • Manual boom reset.
  • Audible alarm.
  • Requires Installation and Commissioning

Customer Reviews

  1. Kathryn

    Operates automatically with motion and very user friendly. No negative reports from our customers.

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