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Exit Gate

Provide your customers with a safe and logical yet controlled exit from your facility with our Exit Gates.

The checkout area in the supermarket is becoming an innovation zone to ensure customers follow approved protocols when leaving with goods. Intelligent Exit Gates are an important component of automated checkout systems, as they guide the flow of customers in a customer-friendly way while preventing stocktaking differences.


All self-checkout systems are computer-assisted nowadays – and the intelligent exit gates are no exception. Modern microprocessor hardware is responsible for controlling processes in conjunction with special software.

Independent computer control

The exit gate can also be controlled using a potential-free contact.

Standard panic alarm

The integrated panic alarm allows the arms to be opened towards the exit in an emergency both manually and automatically (e.g. via a signal from the building control system). If necessary, individual pre-recorded voice announcements or alarm signals can also be sounded as a deterrent measure.

Flexible software

Exit gates can be adapted perfectly to different checkout processes using software. Subsequent changes or adaptations can be performed quickly and easily on-site at any time by changing the software.

Automatically secure

The automatic arm reset prevents stocktaking differences and reduces staff costs. After the arm is opened manually, the exit gate closes automatically and prevents customers from leaving the market with unpurchased goods. Staff are not required to reset the arms, unlike traditional systems.

  • Anti-panic feature as standard
  • Direct communication between checkout system and exit gates
  • Flexible software

Customer Reviews

  1. Martha

    Offers a safe way for customers to exit the premises and it can also be operated remotely.

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