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Portec Turnstile

Portec turnstiles for entrances and exits provide facilities with security and access control enhancements.

Reliable turnstiles with electro-mechanical design for safe and dependable individual entry separation for large flows of people. This system helps to regulate patron flow, traffic management and avoid an area containing too many people.


Solid steel or stainless steel casing with cast aluminium, stainless steel arms. Extremely compact, robust, low-maintenance mechanism. LED function display in direction of entrance and exit, acoustic alarm signal and operating panel as standard. Can be turned freely when the power is disconnected.


High-gloss, chrome-plated metal or polished stainless steel tube casing and base plate covers. Cast aluminium with plastic powder coating.

Operating panel

With LCD display. Function selection: one-time and group release in both directions, pedestrian counting for one-time opening. Connection for card reader and serial interface.

Anti-panic feature

In the event of an emergency the hinged arm design opens for passage in both directions. The acoustic alarm indicates emergency operation.


Counterpart, channelling elements, channelling elements with acrylic glass panels, mount for card reader.

  • Varied applications for safe separation of individuals
  • Attractive material and colour combinations
  • 3-arm design

Customer Reviews

  1. Madison

    We remodelled our store and had these installed from Brice. Really helps with traffic management and we can turn it off when too many people in store or outside of business hours.

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