Railix Design - Wanzl Entrance and Exit Barriers

Made in Germany Made in Germany
Railix Design

The Railix Design partition system makes perfect room partitions possible without the high installation costs.

Together with other products in the Railix range, this system is flexible and adaptable in all directions – thanks to corner elements that permit connections at between 90° and 270°. An elegant, easy to install and therefore cost-saving room solution offering a great deal of creative freedom.

With transparency

Transparent acrylic glass elements and/or wire grate elements effectively separate the different areas without compromising visibility.

Inventory differentials

The acrylic glass elements close fully with no gaps, while the wire grates have a mesh size of 50 x 50 mm. This design will assist to minimise shoplifting, manipulating and tampering.


Plinth and corner elements, as well as plinth profiles, provide perfect protection against damage caused by shopping trolleys and patron traffic.


The flush floor connection makes the partitioned area particularly easy to clean, regardless of whether cleaning is carried out by hand or using a machine.

Bases, partition elements


Bases made of steel tube with base plate. Insert profiles, plinth and corner elements, plinth profiles and plastic wall fastenings in RAL 7016, anthracite grey. Partition elements made of wire grate with a high-gloss chrome-plated finish, colour plastic powder coating or in transparent acrylic glass.


Bases with high-gloss chrome-plated finish, coloured plastic powder coating or stainless steel. Wire grate elements: high-gloss chrome-plated finish or coloured plastic powder coating.

  • Variable and cost-effective way of designing spaces
  • High level of protection against damage
  • Effective protection against shoplifting
Base Diameter 50mm 50mm 50mm
Base Height 1330mm 1650mm 2000mm
Partition Elements Made From Acrylic Glass 960 x 1150mm 960 x 1470mm 960 x 1820mm
Wire Grate Partition Element 960 x 1820mm 960 x 1820mm 960 x 1820mm
Acrylic Glass/Wire Grate Partition Element 960 x 1820mm 960 x 1820mm 960 x 1820mm

Customer Reviews

  1. Lauren

    Our building manager recommended this system when we were designing the fit out. Very happy with it and provides security, peace of mind and complete protection.

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