Register Gates - Wanzl Entrance and Exit Barriers

Made in Germany Made in Germany
Register Gates

Self-locking check-out barriers. The checkout barrier closes automatically with spring force and locks in place.

The checkout barrier is unlocked with a key for opening and the barrier pushed back until it locks in place magnetically. The spring is then retensioned (spring loaded).

  • Finished in chrome; stainless steel and/or plastic coated.
  • Standard anti-panic feature – when a certain pressure is exerted on the barrier it opens towards the exit.
  • Electronically controlled options available.
  • Pole mounted, checkout counter mounted, or mountable on rail.
  • 750mm or 300mm boom available.
  • Requires Installation and Commissioning

Customer Reviews

  1. sofia

    Works exactly as mentioned. The most interesting feature is anti-panic feature.

  2. Drappie

    One of the finest product for commercial use. It helps in controlling queue smoothly.

  3. charlie

    Pretty much happy with this product. I was looking for a self locking barrier to manage foot traffic.which can be controlled electronically and this gate has everything.

  4. Amy A.

    Works as mentioned in catalog. Investing money in this gate is totally worth it. Special thanks to support staff which explained everything in detail whenever someone calls. Good Job!!

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