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Sirio Turnstile

Mechanical or motor-driven turnstile with enclosed stainless steel housing.

These are particularly suitable for highly frequented entrances in interiors or covered outdoor areas.

Sirio turnstiles ensure safe, dependable and convenient movement of people. The slimline design is subtle and complements both traditional and modern infrastructure. Sirico turnstiles provide reliable individual entry separation in a wide range of entrance areas. Sirico includes options of a release using card reader, coin operation, operating panel, ticketing system or according to individual requirements. The streamlined channelling elements are in-keeping with the attractive design of the Sirio turnstiles and aid reliable entry separation.

Standard equipment

Design: Housing, side uprights and pivotal centre made of stainless steel (ideal for indoor and outdoor applications). Tried-and-tested, low-maintenance mechanism. Programmable control and can be adapted to suit individual customer requirements. Can be integrated into the building management system for analytics purposes. Interface for security products and time recording systems.


Polished stainless steel.

System integration

Release using standard card reader, coin operation, ticket machine, control panel, ticketing system or building control system.

Operating panel

For any additional, manual releases, the display shows operation conditions, counter status, error messages and warnings. Connection of up to 2 turnstiles. Adjustment of control parameters.

Optional equipment

For added security, optional equipment includes LED release signal lighting, crawl/climbing guard with acoustic alarm, sensors for non-contact rotation, emergency button.


Mount for card reader, mount for camera system, partitions as channelling elements, natural stone cover available on request.

  • Available as 2 or 3 arm turnstile.
  • Freely programmable turnstile control.
  • Can be adapted to suit individual customer requirements.
  • Reliable single-person authorisation, high throughput.
  • Installation option for card reader.
  • Up to two turnstiles can be connect to an operating panel.
  • All necessary entries can be made from a keyboard.
  • Accessories available include: authorisation lamp; guard to prevent climbing; acoustic alarm; sensors for non-contact authorisation; external switch; accumulator battery buffer; guide elements.

Customer Reviews

  1. Marilyn

    Simple and effective turnstile. We have integrated this device with swipe cards so staff can access the factory in a coordinated manner. Also provides great data for audit purposes.

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