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Made in Germany Made in Germany
Sirio Turnstile

Mechanical or motor-driven turnstile with enclosed stainless steel housing. especially suitable for higly-frequented entrances in interiors or covered outdoor areas. The elegant alternative for buildings with sophisticated architectural demands.

  • Available as 2 or 3 arm turnstile.
  • Freely programmable turnstile control.
  • Can be adapted to suit individual customer requirements.
  • Reliable single-person authorisation, high throughput.
  • Installation option for card reader.
  • Up to two turnstiles can be connect to an operating panel.
  • All necessary entries can be made from a keyboard.
  • Accessories available include: authorisation lamp; guard to prevent climbing; acoustic alarm; sensors for non-contact authorisation; external switch; accumulator battery buffer; guide elements.
  • Requires Installation and Commissioning
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