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Standard N Exit

Ensure the safety and convenience of your guests and customers with the Standard N exit.

The no need to panic range of exit gates make vacating your guests and customers easy. With this tried-and-tested building block from our customer guidance range, you’re always on the safe side – as are your customers.


Sturdy construction from steel tube. Swivel arms in standard or high design; high design is extendable to fit variable access widths. Finish: high-gloss chrome-plated. Plastic info signs, including set of stickers. Panic function on both sides.

Panic function on both sides

Opens when a certain pressure is applied in both directions. The emergency exit direction or the escape route is defined by affixing the set of stickers.


The swivel arms open to 90° when a certain pressure is applied in the direction of escape in an emergency. The escape route is cleared. After the swivel arm has been pressed back into the initial position, the system is ready for operation once again.


Safety N exits comply with the guidelines of the German Equipment Safety Act. As a result, official safety requirements are satisfied but please enquire with us directly if you would like any further clarification.

  • Opens in the direction of the exit
  • Secure solution for emergency exits and escape routes, etc.
  • Available with an optional alarm function

Customer Reviews

  1. Linda

    Great emergency exit gate that can be controlled remotely and helps to vacate customers easily without confusion. Appreciate you selling this Brice.

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