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Made in Germany Made in Germany
Transtec Gate Turnstile

Offer an inviting entrance and a secure exit points for your business, organisation or facility with a Transtec Gate Turnstile.

The Transtec Gate offers a simple yet effective turnstile with a sleek design that complements an existing entrance and exit infrastructure. The Transtec gate turnstile provides superior control over people entering and exiting your facility.

Featuring a motor-driven synchronous turnstile this model is particularly suitable for sophisticated architectural interior environments, such as banks, insurance companies, spa areas, casinos or hotels.


Drive unit integrated into the central column. Assemble on fitted floors. One-way or two-way operation; entry direction can be changed. Rotation starts automatically once touched with minimal force required.


Polished stainless steel uprights with barrier elements with 10 mm single-plate safety glass. Channelling elements with 15 mm acrylic glass.


Clearance signal in direction of entry and exit using potential-free contact (e.g. card reader, operating panel, button, etc.).

  • Drive unit integrated into central column to save space
  • Rotations of 120° with barriers made of toughened safety glass and
  • For one-way and two-way operation.
Electricity Supply 230 V~ 50-60 Hz.
Power Consumption Max 50 VA 50 VA
Manufacturing Standard ISO 9001 ISO 9001
Operating Temperature -25° to 40° -25° to 40°
Power Disconnected The turnstile can be turned freely when the power is disconnected. Integrated control unit. The turnstile can be turned freely when the power is disconnected. Integrated control unit.

Customer Reviews

  1. Marie

    Elegant device that we have installed at our jewllery store. Love the glass finish and makes the place look big without detracting from store’s appearance.

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