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AWB120 Platform Scale

The AWB120 is a robust, general-purpose medium to light industrial electronic platform scale. It can be used in a wide variety of applications including shipping and dispatch, dry food applications, as well as basic check weighing and totalising The large easy to read pole-mounted digital display comes as standard.

  • Supplied with a large, six-digit, 52 mm high, seven segment display with configurable backlight (on, off or on only when weighing). The display is mounted to a stainless steel pole and can be tilted throughout approximately 150° range for easy visibility.
  • Powered by either the internal rechargeable battery or via the external power adapter. It is equipped with power saving options such as auto power-off and switching backlight off at zero.
  • Seven simple to use, large tactile keys with multifunctional use.
  • LED annunciator next to display warns of low battery condition.
  • 520 mm x 420 mm die cast aluminium base with hard wearing stainless steel shroud.
  • Allows a low and high limit to be set. Configurable audible and visual annunciators (three LEDs next to display) show when weight is under, over, or at target weight.
  • Allows the number of weighings and the total amount of weight to be stored and recalled.
  • OIML approved.
Approved Capacities: 60 x 0.02(kg) 150 x 0.05(kg) 300 x 0.1(kg)
Non-Approved Capacities: 30 x 0.005(kg) 60 x 0.01(kg) 150 x 0.02(kg) 300 x 0.05(kg)
Tares: Semi-automatic subtractive tare. 100% subtractive.
Controls: Keyboard controls are located on the display housing. Auto power- off function to help prolong battery life.
Main Control Functions: Gross/Net; Print; Memory Recall. Accumulate; Tare; Zero; Power On/Off.
Stainless steel plate: 520 mm x 420 mm
Stainless Steel Pole: 660mm
Mains Adaptor: AC plug top mains adaptor with 1.8m cable. 230 V at 50 Hz via external 9 V DC 800 mA adaptor.
Temperature Range: -10° C to +40° C
Operating Humidity: 0 to 85% RH
Net: 13.5kg
Gross: 16.4kg
Package Dimensions: 820 mm x 590 mm x 250 mm
  • NMI 6/9C/305

Customer Reviews

  1. Craig

    We deals in bulk product where weighing should be smooth. This product helped us in making the weighing process easy and smooth.

  2. James

    Quite happy with the product I received. After using it, I would definitely recommend the Scale.

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