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AWB120 Robust, General Purpose Platform Scale

The AWB120 is a robust, general purpose medium to light industrial electronic bench scale. It can be used in a wide variety of applications including shipping and dispatch, dry food applications, as well as basic checkweighing and totalising The large easy to read pole-mounted digital display comes as standard.

  • Supplied with a large, six-digit, 52 mm high, seven segment display with configurable backlight (on, off or on only when weighing). The display is mounted to a stainless steel pole and can be tilted throughout approximately 150° range for easy visibility.
  • Powered by either the internal rechargeable battery or via the external power adapter. It is equipped with power saving options such as auto power-off and switching backlight off at zero.
  • Seven simple to use, large tactile keys with multifunctional use.
  • LED annunciator next to display warns of low battery condition.
  • 520 mm x 420 mm die cast aluminium base with hard wearing stainless steel shroud.
  • Allows a low and high limit to be set. Configurable audible and visual annunciators (three LEDs next to display) show when weight is under, over, or at target weight.
  • Allows the number of weighings and the total amount of weight to be stored and recalled.
  • OIML approved.
Approved Capacities:60 x 0.02(kg) 150 x 0.05(kg) 300 x 0.1(kg)
Non-Approved Capacities:30 x 0.005(kg) 60 x 0.01(kg) 150 x 0.02(kg) 300 x 0.05(kg)
Tares:Semi-automatic subtractive tare. 100% subtractive.
Controls:Keyboard controls are located on the display housing. Auto power- off function to help prolong battery life.
Main Control Functions:Gross/Net; Print; Memory Recall. Accumulate; Tare; Zero; Power On/Off.
Stainless steel plate:520 mm x 420 mm
Stainless Steel Pole:660mm
Mains Adaptor:AC plug top mains adaptor with 1.8m cable. 230 V at 50 Hz via external 9 V DC 800 mA adaptor.
Temperature Range:-10° C to +40° C
Operating Humidity:0 to 85% RH
Package Dimensions:820 mm x 590 mm x 250 mm
  • NMI 6/9C/305
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