Brice BRICC Manual Wire Cheese Cutter

Brice BRICC Manual Wire Cheese Cutter

Solid, hard-working, simple. That sums up the Brice BRICC Cheese Cutter. This traditional-style manual cheese wires cutters cut through all kinds of cheese, from small blocks to complete wheels.

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  • The base is made of HMW Polyethylene.
  • The bow is Bright Chrome-plated steel, secured by a stainless steel hinge pin.
  • The cutting wire is 0.9mm diameter food-grade 304 stainless steel.
Size (WxDxH mm): 260x670x360
Net Weight: 8kg

Customer Reviews

  1. Christivy

    Have purchased three of these products at our delicatessen. The BRICC manual wire cutter is perfect for all types of cheese and cleans well.

  2. Maria Chags

    What a simple product that makes slicing cheese simple! Avoid having to line up your knife to achieve the perfect cut. Literally saves times and avoids injuries.

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