CX35e Opt 92 Semi Auto Brice Meat Slicer

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CX35e Opt 92 Semi Auto Brice Meat Slicer

Semi Automatic Meat Slicer

The CX35E+Opt92 Scale is a semi-auto, gear driven, heavy duty machine with a built in scale, that takes the hard work out of slicing.

The CX semi-automatic gear driven slicers’ speed can be varied to suit the product. Perfect slicing can be achieved for all products. The large capacity meat carriage enables even the largest pieces to be sliced effortlessly.

Continuous daily use demands a powerful slicing machine. Two high performance fan-cooled motors drive the blade and carriage. In the case of the blade motor, drive is transferred by an extremely strong gear set straight to the blade, resulting in a very powerful slicer.

Opt92 – The Slice Counter and Programmable Portioning Device produces accurate portions repeatedly at the push of a button.

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  • Variable Speed Automatic Carriage 45 - 100 slices per minute allows the operator to slice at a speed to suit the product
  • Gear Drive Direct drive - very powerful heavy duty slicer
  • Two Independent Fan- Cooled Motors High performance motors that increase efficiency and reduce wear and tear
  • Low Voltage Switches Safe for operator, reduced voltage switching (24 volts)
  • Large Cutting Capacity Slices Champagne ham, soccerball ham, roasts and silverside
  • Shaving Meat Load the meat, press a button, and meat is shaved automatically which saves time and money
Blade (mm) 350 350 350
Motor 240V single phase 50Hz 450W
Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 680 x 760 x 620 680 x 760 x 620 680 x 760 x 620
Opt92 Attachment Inc. Attachment Arm Dim: WxDxH (mm) 160 X 35 X 90 160 X 35 X 90 160 X 35 X 90
Slice Capacity Rectangular (mm) 250 x 190 250 x 190 250 x 190
Circular/Diameter (mm) 250 250 250
Max. Slice thickness (mm) 14 14 14
Net weight (kg) 60 60 60

Customer Reviews

  1. Diane

    This semi automatic slicer takes the pressure out of slicing large volumes of meat. The machine operates constantly during the early hours of the day before the shop opens.

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