PR360 Sausage Filler

PR360 Sausage Filler

Plug & Play. Simply connect the twist linker to any MAINCA sausage filler by means of the nozzle nut and start working. Portion and twist the casing at the same time you are filling.

Get amazing deal on Sausage Fillers. We service Australia wide including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Adelaide.

  • Heavy duty sausage portioner and twist linker
  • Portion and twist the casing at the same time you are filling.
  • Suitable for natural and collagen casings
  • Suitable for any type of meats
  • For use with the EM Series Sausage Fillers
Portion Capacity: From +-15g
Single phase motor: 230V 50/60Hz 220V 60Hz
Approximate Production: +-1 sausage per second (up to 250 Kg/hour)

Customer Reviews

  1. Victoria

    Saw the PR360 Sausage Filler in a trade show last year and was amazed by its compact size and power to fill sausages consistently. Definitely worth the purchase if you operate a large kitchen.

  2. Karen

    Simple to use and mobile. Allows you to prepare a string of sausages in a short period of time and helps the canteen staff focus on the cook. We brought the device a couple of months back after we were using a manual device which took too long.

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