If you are after manual or automatic commercial meat slicers, we stock a large range of commercial meat slicers, food slicers and cheese slicers that will suit your needs and budget. We stock the following types of slicers that cover a suite of operations: belt-driven, gear-driven, vertical, semi-automatic, fully-automatic, and traditional/vintage.

Commercial Slicers – Manual, Semi-Automatic & Automatic Meat Slicers

Our slicers have common features including inbuilt sharpening devices, robust construction for easy cleaning and safety features to ensure safe and efficient operation. Our commercial automatic meat slicers will carefully slice and stack the product allowing you to continue working on other tasks. For those who want to maintain control over their slicing, our manual slicers will allow you to customise each slice to ensure tailor-made precision. For those wanting to add the traditional feel and theatre to slicing we have the vintage flywheel slicer and stand available in a range of colours to suit your look.

We stock some of the best meat slicers and cheese slicers from reputable European manufacturers. With high performance motors and a rigid construction, you will be pleased to know that you are investing in a slicer from a company in Australia that has been supporting Australia’s food and hospitality industry for over 75 years.

We service Australia-wide including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth.

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