Turnstile Systems - What all you need to know

Turnstile Systems – What all you need to know

Wed, 19/02/2020 - 09:20

Turnstile entry systems help businesses manage foot traffic in and out of a shop or building. Turnstiles entrance gates keep unwanted persons out and ensure that people are moving in the right direction. Security turnstiles also offer protection against theft and prevent people from leaving the premises without paying for the goods or following other procedures. The manual turnstile is a mechanical swing turnstile where the arm rotates to allow a single person to walk through to the other side. These entry barriers also have an emergency setting which allows the arm to swing up and create an opening for people to walk out of an area. Manual turnstiles require complimentary fencing and rails to prevent people walking around the turnstile. For large object access, a special opening passage can be installed to effectively move trolleys and prams into the store.