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Effectively manage and direct the flow and travel path of your customers with our turnstile systems. Browse our entire turnstile entry systems range below.

Turnstile Entry Systems Supplier in Australia

We have selected turnstile entry systems that reflect what our customers need. We understand that our customers want turnstile systems that can be tailored to their business layout and specifications. We have the capabilities to design a turnstile system to suit your requirements.

We service Australia-wide including MelbourneSydneyBrisbaneAdelaideCanberra & Perth.

Why Choose Brice Australia’s Turnstile and Customer Access Systems?

Turnstile and customer access systems are common features of many organisations that wish to regulate the flow of people entering and exiting their business. Customised entry systems enhance security, minimise patron congestion and monitor and control the flow of people, At Brice Australia, we stock turnstiles and customer access systems, entrance and exit barriers that are manufactured in Germany by Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH. Our reliable and reputable access control turnstiles and entry systems can be modified to suit most applications and entrance widths.

Not only do our turnstiles and customer access systems prevent customers from exiting the shop with unpaid products, they provide valuable data that can be analysed and used to inform decision making. This can help you improve the layout of your organisation, increase the number of staff members working at particular times when patronage is high, or include security tags on products that have a higher tendency to be stolen.

Our turnstile systems are durable, reliable and functional. Before you consider acquiring a turnstile system, you should consult with one of our technical team at Brice to discuss your requirements.

We can customise and install turnstiles and customer access systems to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Turnstiles FAQs

  • What are turnstile and customer access systems?

    Turnstiles and customer access systems helps regulate the flow of people as they enter and exit premises. Whether you wish to control access to your shop, count the number of patrons, limit congestion at the entrance and exit or restrict people from entering or exiting the premises at certain points, a turnstile security system can achieve these purposes and more.

  • Where to Buy Turnstile Systems?

    Available at Brice Australia 11 Holloway Drive Bayswater VIC 3153. Call 1300 664 880  today!

  • What is the purpose of a turnstile?

    Turnstiles act as a security system and a patron control management system. Turnstiles help organisations control access to a premises, regulate the flow of people and direct patron traffic. Turnstiles operate independently and do not require staff to stand by and monitor the operation of the system.

  • How much does a turnstile cost in Australia?

    The cost of a turnstile depends on the type of turnstile acquired. A simple standalone manual turnstile will cost less than a turnstile which has associated railings and features. For example, if you require a manual turnstile with optional trolley gateway, this will cost extra.

  • How does a turnstile work?

    A manual turnstile works by applying pressure to the arm to cause it to swing away from you as you walk into the turnstile. A further push against the arm will rotate the turnstile to free the person and allow the individual to enter the premises. Our manual turnstiles also have a clever anti-panic feature. When increased counter-pressure is applied to the arm, the turnstile pivots back as a unit and created a 1250 mm emergency exit.

  • What kind of turnstile solutions Brice Australia provides?

    We sell manual turnstiles that offer organisations the ability to install the system in any location as it does not require electronical power. This is ideal for built-up premises that need turnstile systems without additional modifications to the premises.

  • Can turnstiles be used outdoors?

    Turnstiles are fabricated from stainless steel and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The manual turnstiles contain no electronical features and rely on mechanical power to operate. Turnstiles are effective outdoors to minimise staff monitoring and patron guidance. With appropriate barricade railing, outdoor turnstiles can effectively manage patron traffic and congestion.

  • Are turnstiles operate on a low voltage units?

    Manual turnstiles operate independently of electrical power. Manual turnstiles can be installed to complement other security access features that operate with electrical power. This will add to the overall security features of the premises.

  • What are the different types of Turnstiles?

    The manual turnstile is an effective patron control system that helps to regulate patron flow and patron access. This turnstile system can be installed at any entrance or exit location without extensive installation requirements.

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