Tonon Modular Shelving Systems

Tonon Shelving is 99.9% recyclable from the package to the product.

High-Density Modular Shelving Systems

Brice now sells the Tonon Modular Shelving System which is self-supporting, easy to install, and clicks and locks into place. This modular shelving unit design provides flexibility which maximises storage space utilisation. All modular shelving units are custom designed to suit your exact specifications. These commercial kitchen shelves are ideal for supermarkets, butchers, restaurants and any other food or hospitality venue.

Why Choose Tonon Modular Shelving Units?

Tonon modular shelving provides an effective and hygienic storage solution. With all known certificates and approvals, the commercial kitchen shelves are manufactured from stainless 20 micron anodised aluminium. Our heavy duty modular commercial kitchen shelving units have been designed to withstand between 110 – 250 kg per shelf depending on the type of shelf acquired. This provides the ultimate storage capacity options so food can be stored appropriately without compromising on food storage compliance requirements. Tonon shelving is 99.9% recyclable from the package to the product.

Modular Shelving Systems at Brice Australia.

Brice Australia is proud to represent the Tonon Modular shelving unit the Tonon Modular Shelving System. Manufactured in Italy, this cool room shelving unit is ideal for food and hospitality businesses. Store food effectively in an accessible manner with reliable, sturdy and hygienic kitchen shelving units that have been designed to withstand up to 250 kg per shelf depending on the type of shelf. The entire shelving system is based on a modular construction which clicks and locks into place and can be designed to suit any specifications for a tailored fit.

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Cool Room Shelving FAQs

  • How much does a commercial kitchen shelving unit cost?

    The cost of a commercial kitchen shelving unit depends on the type of shelving acquired and the size of the unit. On average the cost varies between $150 and $500 for a single free-standing unit with approximately 4 shelves with an average height of 1800 mm and width of approximately 450 mm.

  • What items I can store in commercial kitchen shelves?

    You can store food items on commercial kitchen shelves. Our cool room shelving units are ideal for cold produce and food that either needs to stay cool or remain frozen. Ensure you follow appropriate food safety and storage compliance requirements when storing food on commercial kitchen shelves. Our Tonon Modular Shelving System has optional colour-coded shelves to prevent food cross-contamination.

  • What is the grade of material used in the modular shelving systems?

    Manufactured from stainless 20 micron anodised aluminium, our modular shelving systems are made from food safe materials. This helps to minimise bacteria infestation and makes it quick and easy to clean the shelves without harmful chemicals.

  • Which modular shelving unit is best for my kitchen?

    Our modular shelving units can be designed to suit your specific coolroom or shelving specifications. This will ensure that no storage space is wasted and that your produce and food is easily accessible. With modular click and lock installation, this shelving system is ideal for kitchens of all shapes and sizes.

  • Which Is the Best kitchen shelving in The Market for Commercial Use?

    The Tonon Modular Shelving System is a reliable, sturdy and custom-designed commercial kitchen shelving unit solution. This system is ideal for small and large commercial kitchen because it can be tailor made to suit your coolroom’s exact specifications to optimise storage capacity.