Vertical Meat Slicers

Vertical meat slicers are known for their perpendicular blade to cutting plate, large capacities and heavy duty features. Ideal for busy food and hospitality business environments where customer demand is high, these commercial meat slicers are extremely powerful and can cope with large portions of meat. They are ideal for slicing meat with precision and are exceptional at shaving delicate meat too.

Depending on the model, vertical meat slicers are capable of slicing thawed or frozen meat of varying sizes. Our meat slicers suit small to large food and hospitality businesses or organisations. Boasting stainless-steel and anodised aluminium materials, easy cleaning construction, variable slicing selections, shielded blades and user-friendly design, our vertical slicers have all necessary features to maximise user satisfaction.

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Vertical Commercial Meat Slicers Supplier in Australia

With their distinct flatbed feature, the meat needs to be manually pressed against the blade for slicing purposes. Unlike the inclined plate models that rely on gravitational force, the vertical meat slicers give the operator more control for a finer and delicate cut. Vertical meat slicers are also space savers because they are more compact than other slicers and are ideal for businesses with confined spaces.

Vertical gear driven meat slicers use mechanical gears to slice meat effortlessly. They are quite to run and are ideal for all food preparation and cooking operations. We stock a range of models that are ideal for small and large businesses or organisations. Considering your requirements, it is important to assess your needs, understand each gear-driven meat slicer’s features and make your decision accordingly.

Key Features of Vertical Meat Slicers

  • Manufactured in stainless steel and anodised aluminium to resist the corrosive effects of salts and acids.
  • Constructed for easy and friendly cleaning.
  • Built-in dual action sharpener ensures a long lasting razor sharp knife.
  • Gear-driven blade.
  • Forced ventilation to motor.
  • Micrometric adjusting knob allows for cutting of slices to the millimetre.
  • Large slicing capacity – ideal for larger portions of meat.

We service Australia-wide including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth.