How to Choose The Best Commercial Meat Slicer?

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A perfectly sliced piece of meat shows elegance and care. It takes time to cut a piece of meat manually and a skilled chef will require the best of knives.

Our commercial meat slicers offer varying capabilities to help you achieve superior results. Our fully-automatic slicers will carefully slice and stack the product allowing you to continue working on other tasks.

For those who want to maintain control over their slicing, our manual meat slicers will allow you to customise each slice to ensure tailor-made precision.

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You should consider a few things before buying a commercial meat slicer for your restaurant, food preparation facility, butcher, delicatessen or catering facility.

#1. Precision

Most slicers have a micrometric knob that allows you to adjust the thickness of the slice to a fraction of a millimetre. The blades are crafted to slice perfectly and accurately and the sharpening device ensures that the cut is clean every time.

#2. Safety

The equipment is manufactured in anodised aluminium and stainless steel for the most hygienic and safe environment. Our slicers have safety features to ensure operator safety and the blade has a cover and guard to prevent any contact with hands. On some slicers, the blade can be removed manually in a simple manner to make cleaning easy.

#3. Powerful and Robust

These European-made slicers are constructed to slice various types of meat easily. Whether the meat is raw, hard-cured or semi-frozen, our slicers will always provide superior results. With powerful motors, forced ventilation and quiet operation, a slicer from our commercial range will provide you with long-lasting assistance.

We stock best commercial meat slicers. Call us today on 1300 664 880 to discuss the purchase of your new commercial meat slicer.

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