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Melbourne restaurateur and chef Guy Grossi showed keen food enthusiasts Brice’s vintage slicer at the Birdcage in the Tabcorp Marquee during Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival. Effortlessly slicing salumi, prosciutto and grissini, Grossi explained how to correctly slice meat finely and carefully to achieve the perfect cut every time. Whether you are making pasta, pizza, salad or cheeseboard, a vintage meat slicer can help you prepare a stunning dish anytime.

Owning several restaurants in Melbourne, writing cookbooks and appearing on various television programs and online shows, Grossi is known for promoting Italian cuisine throughout the world. Grossi shared a few tips with his guests and commented that he “absolutely loves the [vintage] slicer!”. He noted that our vintage slicer has been carefully crafted to enhance operator useability, ease pressure on the hands, minimise produce wastage and achieve a reliable cut to micrometric precision.

At Brice Australia, our vintage slicers are manufactured from stainless steel and anodised aluminium materials, have an easy cleaning construction, offer variable slicing selections, fitted with shielded blades and feature a user-friendly design. With all the necessary components to maximise user satisfaction, our slicers have been made to last the long term and enhance productivity and efficiency in an elegant and eye-catching traditional design.

If you would like to complement your cooking equipment with our classical vintage slicers, here are a few key features to consider.

Crafted in Italy

Italian designed and constructed, our vintage slicers have been sourced from reliable and quality manufacturers who understand how to manufacture a high quality vintage slicer. We check all our slicers and understand how each device works so that we can provide expert advice and dedicated servicing options.

Sharp large blades

Featuring greater than 300 mm blades, our vintage slicers allow large pieces of produce to be sliced effortlessly. The stainless steel blades that have been carefully sharpened, rotate easily without disruption during operation.

Precision slicing

It is important to invest in a meat slicer that slices produce accurately on a continuous basis. Precision is key to ensure that wastage is minimised, slices are consistent and quality is maintained. Our slicers have a micrometric adjusting knob (i.e. 0-4 mm) that allows you to select a desired thickness setting for the ideal cut.

Diverse application

Our vintage slicers are suitable for diverse applications including use be butchers, restaurateurs, caterers and delicatessens.

For the complete range of vintage slicers, visit our website or call us on 1300 664 880 to discuss our products.

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