Meat Tenderiser

Meat Tenderiser Machine

A meat tenderiser operates by using tenderising blades to break down the muscle fibres of quality cuts of meat to produce a more tender and softer product. Meat tenderisers have a variety of functions, including penetration of meat with seasoning and marinades and transforming less expensive cuts into fillet results. These machines also work with various meat products, including beef, chicken, lamb, venison, duck and seafood.

Meat Tenderisers are most commonly found in locations where a selection of cuts and large quantities of meat are produced on a daily basis; these may include restaurant kitchens, butcher shops, supermarkets, and food processing facilities. 

Adding this machine to your team will increase productivity and profits. Purchasing an electric meat tenderiser is an investment that will reward you well after it arrives.

Brice Australia, known for its quality commercial kitchen equipment, offers an impressive range of meat tenderizers that are a boon to any professional kitchen.

With robust construction and user-friendly designs, Brice Australia’s tenderizers ensure efficiency and reliability. Ideal for restaurants, butcher shops, and delis, they streamline the meat preparation process and ensure consistently tender results with every use.

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Commercial Meat Tenderiser Supplier in Australia

Australian commercial kitchens know Brice Australia is a reputable supplier of quality products and customer care, which is why they rely on us for their equipment and appliance requirements.

Engineered and manufactured in Italy, our tenderisers are made with anodised aluminium to ensure they are durable against the corrosive effects of salts and acids, allowing your machine to produce the same high-quality result again and again.

Why Choose Brice for Buying Tenderisers

Brice Australia has been revolutionising commercial kitchens since 1939; no company better understands the quality Australians expect for their products and service than we do. Our industry experience is why we have formed lifelong relationships with our clients and lifelong partnerships with Australian and international manufacturers.

We are committed to connecting our clients with the latest commercial kitchen equipment that retains the necessary components and features paramount in the industry. We offer service and repair options for all appliances in Australia and the choice of an extended warranty. We are confident in our products, and you will be too.

Meat Tenderiser FAQs

  • Can I place bulk orders to buy meat tenderisers at Brice Australia?

    Yes, you can place bulk orders with Brice Australia for Meat Tenderisers.