INT90 Meat Tenderiser - Meat Processing Equipment

​Made in Italy ​Made in Italy
INT90 Meat Tenderiser

The INT90 Tenderiser is a hard-working, heavy duty* machine designed to produce “fillet” results from less valued cuts of meat.

The INT90 Tenderiser has been designed to produce “fillet” results from less valued meats. Hundreds of small blades penetrate into the meat, cutting the muscle fibres, making it tender and succulent during the cooking process.

The INT90 is available in two configurations: Standard and Fan-cooled. The Fan-cooled option provides forced ventilation and cooling to the motor for heavy duty applications. The INT90 is available in either single or 3-phase versions.

The unique Stir Fry cutting group slices meat into strips perfect for oriental cuisine.

  • The INT90 is manufactured in anodised aluminium to resist the corrosive effects of salts and acids.
  • Blades stop when protective cover is raised.
  • High mouth position and lower blade enclosure ensure operator safety.
  • Reduces meat cooking times.
  • Reversing switch.
  • CE approved.
Model: INT90 INT90FC
Standard cutting group blades: 2 x 44 2 x 44
Product Feeding Speed: 20cm/sec 20cm/sec
Stir Fry cutting group: 4mm/44 6mm/30 8mm/22 12mm/15 4mm/44 6mm/30 8mm/22 12mm/15
Power: 400W 400W
240V Single Phase Motor: 50Hz 50Hz
IP Rating: 55 55
Net weight: 22kg 22.5kg
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