Mandoline Slicer

Our extensive range of slicers, cutters and wedges are useful in domestic and commercial kitchens. Instead of spending time cutting the ingredients by hand one piece at a time, our mandolin slicers offer precision cutting, a greater output and safer preparation. Brice Australia supplies high-quality cuttersmandoline slicer,  Cheese Slicer, vegetable slicers and wedges for commercial kitchens.

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Mandoline Slicers Supplier Australia

Our Chef’s Mandoline is the ideal lightweight Mandolin Slicer that can slice, julienne and matchstick most vegetables to variable widths. For the entire range of the best Mandoline Slicer, we stock leading equipment that can slice through all types of vegetables and fruit too.

Common features across our slicer range include high-grade stainless steel to ease the cutting procedure, variable lever adjustments to tailor the cut and a non-skid stand and safety guard for safe operation. This is what makes the best mandoline slicer in Australia.

Why Choose Brice Australia’s Commercial Mandoline Slicer?

Mandolines are a useful light kitchen tool that slices most fruits and vegetables easily and consistently. We stock the French-made Bron Coucke mandolines that feature stainless steel construction, sharp blades, non-slip grips and an easy-to-handle safety guard. These characteristics ensure each slice is clean and cut to precision.

A mandoline will work as both a vegetable slicer and fruit slicer. If you need to slice, crinkle, waffle, julienne or matchstick produce for your salad, tart, quiche or other dishes, a mandoline will help you complete this task efficiently and effectively. The tool is effective because it provides reliable and consistent cuts every time.

Our mandoline slicers provide the following benefits to operators:

– Variable slice thickness: All our mandolines have variable slice thickness lever settings. This ensures that you can tailor the slice, waffle, crinkle, julienne or matchstick cut according to your requirements.

– Sturdy construction: Our mandolines are ergonomically designed for comfort, constructed from stainless steel and fitted with a non-skid stand and safety guard to protect hands from harm.

– Easy to clean: The mandolin folds flat in the sturdy casing for safe storage. For best results, wash this kitchen tool by hand.

To learn more about our mandoline slicers, browse our entire range of mandoline slicers online and contact us if you require further information. Get amazing on the best Mandoline Slicer Australia.

Mandolin Slicers - FAQs

  • What is a mandoline slicer?

    A mandoline slicer is a small user-friendly slicing device that helps you slice, julienne, crinkle, waffle and matchstick fruits and vegetables without using a knife or other cutting instrument.

  • Where to buy a mandolin slicer?

    Available at Brice Australia 11 Holloway Drive Bayswater VIC 3153. Call 1300 664 880  today!

  • What can you use a mandoline slicer for?

    You can use a mandoline slicer to slice, waffle, julienne, crinkle and matchstick most fruits and vegetables.

    Whether you are making a salad, tart, quiche, chips or any other dish, a mandoline slicer is a handy and effective tool to make slicing more efficient and effective.

  • What can you do with a mandolin slicer?

    A mandoline slicer helps slice fruits and vegetables. Instead of spending time cutting the ingredients by hand one piece at a time, a mandoline slicer offers precision cutting, a greater output and safer preparation. A mandoline can also crinkle cut, waffle cut, matchstick, and julienne ingredients.

  • Can you slice cheese with a mandolin?

    You can slice cheese with a mandolin. Ensure that you choose the right blade so that the cheese does not damage the blade. A sharp blade is required. Carefully slice the cheese against the blade and do not force down or against the blade.

  • Can you slice meat on a mandolin?

    Generally, a mandolin is not used to slice meat. A meat slicer is preferred for this operation as it requires a sharp and rotating blade to provide a clean cut. Stiffer meats might slice well on a mandolin, but it is advised to not use the same mandolin for both meat and non-meat produce.

  • What is the best mandolin slicer to buy?

    The best mandoline slicer to buy will depend on your needs and requirements. We stock the Chef’s Mandoline, the Classic Mandoline and the Vivaldi Mandoline. To ensure you acquire the most appropriate mandoline, look at the features and check which mandoline will optimise your food preparation activity.

  • How do I choose a mandolin slicer?

    To choose the right mandolin slicer look at the slicer’s features and benefits. Then, consider your needs and requirements and consult any staff who will be using the mandolin slicer. Once you understand your expectations, enquire with us to help you source the right mandolin slicer.

  • What is the best Mandolin?

    Choosing the best Mandoline slicer is easy! All our Mandoline slicers feature sharp blades, a durable body and a non-slip stand. This is ideal for busy food preparation environments that need reliable, sturdy and high-performing kitchen equipment.

  • How do you clean a mandoline slicer?

    After operations, use warm water and mild dish washing soap to clean the mandoline slicer with a soft sponge. Do not use coarse sponges or harsh chemicals. Ensure you completely remove all food residue and washing soap so that the mandoline slicer can be appropriately dried ready for its next use.

  • What is the best mandoline on the market?

    The right mandolin slicer can make a huge difference in your kitchen. At Brice Australia, you’ll find the perfect slicer for your needs with our selection of the top three mandolin slicers:

    Chef’s Mandolin Slicer: Constructed from high-grade stainless steel, this slicer offers superior slicing, julienning, and matchsticking of most vegetable and fruit types.

    Classic Mandolin SlicerOffering effortless cutting, this model is perfect for busy operating environments.

    Vivaldi Mandoline SlicerLightweight and easy to use, this slicer features variable lever adjustments, a non-skid stand, and a safety guard for safe operation.

    Choose the slicer that best fits your needs, and start slicing like a pro!

  • Do professional chefs use mandolin slicers?

    Instead of spending hours cutting the ingredients by hand, one piece at a time, professional chefs use mandolin slicers. These offer precise cutting, increased efficiency, greater output and safer preparation.

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