Food Cutters

Food Choppers and Cutters

Food cutters are available in many shapes and sizes, with stainless steel bowls and powerful motors. At Brice, we stock only the best cutters, so you can be assured that our products are fit for purpose! Our great range of cookie cutters comes with various features which will help you ‘cut down’ on your preparation time and deliver much greater efficiencies in your kitchen.

Salads, spreads, breadcrumbs, meats—whatever your business or recipes require—double cutlery-grade stainless steel knives trim food goods to a uniform size. Some machines even come with an attachment hub that allows you to utilise a meat chopper or vegetable slicer.

Many of our food cutters come with a wide range of attachments so that you can cut to size for various products.

This multi-functional tool will quickly become one of your favourite kitchen equipment.

We deliver commercial cutters and food choppers Australia-wide including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth.

Commercial Food Cutters

Commercial Food Cutters are essential in any commercial kitchen, deli or independent retailer. You can save a significant amount of time during food prep with a versatile cutter that is fast and reliable. Available in different shapes and sizes, it can be used for a variety of different applications.

Whilst some commercial cutters, such as the FAMFP Series Potato Peeler and BG80 Bread Crumb Machine, have very specific applications, others – such as the FP35/50 and LM5/8 Food Cutter – will help you chop, slice, whip and knead a wide variety of food products, from meats to vegetables and everything in between.

Professional Food Cutter Suppliers in Melbourne

Brice is your number one option for all your commercial food cutter requirements in Melbourne. We stock a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment including meat slicer, food processors, food & cookie cutters, meat mincers, meat mixers, cheese cutter, can opener, oven, food wrappers and much more. Be it domestic or commercial kitchen, we have products available for every kitchen’s need.

As a nationwide supplier servicing some of the biggest names in the commercial food industry, you can rely on Brice and our proud track record of service to our Melbourne customers over the last 80+ years.

Whether you represent a franchise with multiple locations or a small business just finding your feet, Brice Australia prides itself on being able to work with big and small customers to deliver outstanding commercial kitchen equipment– with outstanding service and post-sales support.

Why Choose Brice for Buying Food Cutters

Brice Australia has been one of Australia’s biggest and most reliable commercial kitchen equipment and food & cookie cutter suppliers since 1939.

This 80+ years of proud service to our industry is a fantastic endorsement to the long-standing quality of the machines we stock and the service we provide our customers.

Commercial kitchen operators love dealing with Brice because of our:

  • Expansive variety of products
  • The quality assurance measures we have in place to ensure the quality of those products
  • Commitment to service delivery
  • Post-sales support and servicing

At Brice, we work hard to maintain outstanding relationships with the businesses from all around the world that produce these brilliant pieces of machinery, to ensure we are bring the best of the best to Australian shores.

Our Italian food cutters are a testament to that. Contact Brice today for all your food-cutting needs.

Food Cutters FAQs

  • What are commercial food cutters?

    A commercial food cutter is a machine that rotates food in a bowl under spinning blades to chop or emulsify it.

  • Are meat cutters and food cutters same?

    Meat cutters and food cutters are the same thing. Most cutters can cut meat and a meat cutter can also be used to cut other foods, such as vegetables.

  • Is it good or bad to use electric food cutter in commercial kitchen?

    Using an electric  cutter in the kitchen has a lot of advantages, but perhaps the biggest is the amount of time they can save on food prep and the greater efficiencies that can be achieved as a result.

  • What is the difference between peeler and food cutter?

    A peeler is used to remove the skin from certain vegetables, such as a potato. A food cutter on the other hand, will cut, slice, chop, whip and knead the food product.