Best food processors for your Kitchen

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Food Processors

Food processors are a chef’s best friend. Whether you are a home cook or a kitchen hand in a commercial kitchen, food processors help to save time during kitchen preparation and allow chefs to process food safely and in an efficient manner. They can perform various functions, including mixing, slicing, cutting, grating, peeling and other processing functions. Avoid performing the tasks by hand and speed up the process effectively with a functioning food processor.

Food Processor for commercial kitchens

Commercial kitchens rely on food processors when preparing meals. Whether you operate a commercial kitchen, restaurant, catering service, school canteen or other kitchen facilities, a food processor helps to prepare ingredients automatically in various ways. Save time, maintain hygiene and be more productive with a helpful food processor.

Food processor for House use

Food processors are equally useful in home settings. Given home kitchens are usually confined and the cooks at home are time poor, a handy and functional food processor can make cooking a more enjoyable experience. Avoid injuries and achieve more with less with a quality food processor that has many capabilities for all your home cooking needs.

Things to keep in mind while buying a commercial food processor

Commercial Kitchen Equipments

  • Functions: Choose a commercial food processor with the functions that you need. Our food processors have varying functions depending on your requirements. For example, we have food slicers and grates, food cutters, cheese grater and food mixers.
  • Warranties: All food processing equipment comes with a standard warranty. Depending on the type of food processor, the warranty term varies. In addition to the warranty, we also offer service and support packages to make it easier for you during operations.
  • Body material: Food processors should be crafted from food-grade hygienic materials to ensure food preparation is safe. All our products are manufactured with anodised stainless steel to ensure that food can be processed hygienically and the machine can be cleaned easily.
  • Trusted Brand name: A trusted brand name comforts the operator that the food processor has been built, designed and engineered to perfection. At Brice Australia, we hand pick our products from reliable manufacturers who have customer utility at the forefront of their mind.
  • Simple Controls: Food processors should be intuitive devices. Our equipment has been designed to make it easy for busy chefs to operate and focus on other parts of the cook. With safety features and logical steps, our food processors are easy to use.
  • Easy to use: Our food processors are easy to use and help chefs to complete their tasks effectively. With simple operations, an easy cleaning process and a tidy storage solution, our food processors can be used, cleaned and stored without hassle.

FAQs – Food Processors

Is it worth buying a food processor?

Yes. A food processor is an essential piece of kitchen equipment. It enables the chef to process ingredients in relation to preparing a meal. It is a clean, hygienic and efficient process that helps the chef focus on other parts of the cook.

Which food processors do chefs use?

Chefs use various types of food processors including benchtop food processors, food cutters, cheese graters and food mixers. Depending on the type of food they are preparing, a chef should have different types of processors for different tasks.

Which is better food processor or blender?

You can complete many tasks with a food processor. A food processor enables you to process, cut, mix, grate and peel ingredients. Accomplish more tasks with a food processor and its accessories, rather than a standalone blender.

Can you Grind meat with food processor?

It is not advisable to grind meat with a food processor. A meat grinder or meat mincer is more suited to grinding meat because it has been designed to process meat in a hygienic, clean and effective manner.

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