Top 5 Best Commercial Meat Slicers 2024

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Slice meat quickly with precision using a semi-automatic or fully automatic meat slicer. For those who operate a deli, butcher, restaurant, pizzeria, or café, a commercial meat slicer will save you time, minimise meat wastage and allow you to serve more customers. Some of the best commercial meat slicers in the market boast common features including an inbuilt sharpening devices, a robust construction for easy cleaning and safety features to ensure a safe and efficient operation.

At Brice Australia, we stock leading European made commercial meat slicers that have been crafted to provide the user with maximum comfort for ease of operation that can slice various sorts of meat without difficulty.

In a recent blog we published titled, 5 Tips for Buying a Commercial Meat Slicer in Australia, we shared a few tips that you should consider prior to investing in a commercial meat slicer.

Top 5 Best Commercial Meat Slicers for 2024

Best Commercial Meat Slicers

1. Fully Automatic Commercial Meat Slicers

We stock a range of fully automatic slicers that feature programmable settings enabling the operator to slice high volumes of meat quickly with variable speed and thickness settings. The operator can also load two pieces of meat onto the meat table and have both cut simultaneously. Besides slicing food products, the slicer can collect and arrange the slices on the product receiving tray in either vertical stacks or single layer shingling. This set and forget feature is ideal for busy delicatessens or commercial kitchens.

2. Semi Automatic Commercial Meat Slicers

Our belt and gear driven semi automatic meat slicers are suited for both small and large food and hospitality organisations. With various models to suit individual needs and budgets, these slicers will effortlessly slice various types of meat without jamming. With sharp blades, a rigid construction and a powerful motor, the meat will be sliced to perfection every time.

3. Vertical Slicers

The vertical slicer provides the operator with full control over every slice as the meat must be moved manually on the meat table due to the vertical positioning of the slicing blade. Manufactured in stainless steel and anodised aluminium to resist the corrosive effects of salts and acids, these slicers have been built to last and have been constructed for easy and friendly cleaning.

4. Manual Slicers

We stock manual slicers in both belt and gear driven models. With adjustable settings ranging between 0 – 25 millimetres, these slicers are ideal for medium to large sized shops, restaurants, caterers, delicatessens and kitchens. Where the environment is not busy, these manual slicers are cost effective and allows you to tailor each cut to your requirements.

5. Traditional Slicers

For a highly effective, unpowered and hand operated precision slicer, our traditional vintage flywheel slicers are perfect. These slicers provide ultimate control to the operator and have been crafted with quality modern materials whilst still retaining the traditional look and feel.  These traditional slicers will be the centrepiece of any restaurant or delicatessen.

Investing in the best commercial meat slicer will optimise your operations without affecting your budget. To help your staff produce quality meat slices for your customers, consider a high performance commercial meat slicer from Brice Australia.

Are you considering acquiring a commercial meat slicer? Share your tips and thoughts below.

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