9 Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Every Top Chef

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Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment

A well-equipped commercial kitchen is essential for any restaurant to run smoothly and efficiently. Without the right equipment, you may not be able to keep up with demand, resulting in delays, unhappy customers, and lost revenue. To ensure your restaurant has everything it needs to succeed, here are nine essential commercial kitchen equipment that will help you navigate the culinary battlefield:

Meat Slicer

Meat Slicers for Chefs

When shaving paper-thin prosciutto slices or hearty roast beef chunks, a high-quality meat slicer is a top chef’s best friend. A commercial meat slicer is popular and should feature safety guards and be easy to operate and clean.

Meat Mincer and Grinder

meat mincer and grinders for chefs

Aussie cuisine is known for its delicious meat dishes, and a meat mincer and grinder are essential tools for crafting mouthwatering burgers, sausages, and meatballs. It offers a safe, reliable and effortless way to prepare large quantities of meat, ensuring minimal wastage and consistency. It’s essential kitchen equipment for butchers and large food preparation kitchens.

Peelers and Washers

peelers and washers for chefs

Peelers and washers are as important a tool as any other for a chef. The importance of prep work should always be considered. High-quality washers and peelers can save time and ensure consistency in preparing delicacies. Water spray rinses away loose peel and debris, while abrasive rollers quickly remove peel.

Mandoline Slicer

best mandoline slicer australia

Instead of spending hours cutting one vegetable at a time, top chefs use a mandoline slicer. It helps achieve paper-thin slices of vegetables or fruits in one go. It is known to slice, crinkle, waffle, julienne or matchstick fruits or vegetables. It’s perfect for making delicate salads or garnishes and helps maintain uniformity in your plating.


commercial ovens for chefs

It is a central piece of any commercial kitchen. Convection ovens, combi-ovens, and pizza ovens are some options, depending on the type of restaurant and the food served. Invest in ovens that offer even heat distribution and precise temperature control for consistent cooking.

Food wrapping machines

food wrapping machines

Proper food storage and presentation is essential for maintaining freshness, hygiene and quality. A food wrapping machine helps reduce food wastage and ensures an organised kitchen, as leftovers or prepped ingredients can be packaged efficiently. Brice Australia offers a range of high-quality commercial food wrapping machines, which are manual and semi-automatic.


essential knives for commercial kitchens

Every chef knows that a set of high-quality knives is non-negotiable. Various knives, including chef’s knives, paring knives, and boning knives, will serve you well in the kitchen. Keep them sharp and well-maintained for optimal performance.

Food Vacuum Sealers

food vacuum sealers essential commercial kitchen equipment

Vacuum sealers are a game-changer for preserving the flavour and texture of your ingredients. They remove air from the packaging, extending the shelf life of your foods. Perfect for marinating, sous vide cooking, storage and packing fresh meat, poultry, vegetables, suit butchers, greengrocers and supermarket delis.

Shelving System

shelving system

Organisation is vital in a busy kitchen, and a sturdy shelving system is the unsung hero of kitchen equipment. It keeps your ingredients, pots, pans, and utensils accessible and tidy, reducing clutter and stress during service. Brice now sells the Tonon Modular Shelving System, which is self-supporting, easy to install, and clicks and locks into place.


These nine essential commercial kitchen equipment items are the foundation of success for every top chef in the Australian culinary scene. Whether you’re grilling up some snags, crafting gourmet dishes, or baking delicious pastries, having the right tools ensures your culinary creations are spectacular. Invest wisely in your kitchen equipment, and you’ll be on your way to wowing your customers and making a name for yourself in the Aussie food scene.

Brice Australia, serving since 1939, supplies high-quality commercial kitchen equipment for commercial kitchens of every size. Some of the highest quality food preparation and weighing equipment are available, from small hands-on to fully automated equipment. Contact us today at 1300 664 880 to buy these high-quality kitchen equipment.

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