Combi Ovens

A combi oven enables food to be cooked using either steam, dry heat (convection) or a mixture of both. The main benefit of a combi oven, and the reason why this type of oven is very popular in commercial kitchens across Australia, is that the operator can cook delicious, succulent and moist food. A combi oven allows the operator to select the humidity level in the chamber so that the food has the most appropriate moisture level. This means that you can cook at a higher temperature with a higher humidity setting for less time and the food will not burn, dry out, shrink, lose colour or cook unevenly.

When a combi oven is set to convection heating, dry heat circulates throughout the chamber. The elements in the oven heat up to the desired temperature and will turn on and off at intervals to control and regulate the heat. Dry heat cooking is ideal for dry foods such as pastries, bread and pies. The oven will provide a crisp finish and bake the food evenly without burnt edges. However, you will notice that the contents of the food, such as the filling in a pie, may be drier than usual. This is not uncommon because the food is being cooked with only dry heat.

The other setting for a combi oven is steam heating. Water is used by the oven to produce steam during the cooking process. Unlike boiling food, steaming food helps it to retain nutritional value and will help the food to taste better without any discolouration. Steam cooking works best for rice, vegetables, fish and other types of food with a high moisture rating. This mode will prevent the food drying out and shrinking during the cooking process.

The final setting for a combi oven is the combination setting. With this mode selected, you can set the heat and humidity levels (also on an automatic climate control mode too). This helps to regulate the temperature and moisture level in the chamber so that the food cooks evenly, with it being dry, burnt, too crisp and overall unbalanced. With the right setting chosen, you can cook perfectly balanced, crisp and moist food all the time and ensure that each ingredient is cooked to perfection.

Tecnoeka manufactures professional ovens. Eka-branded appliances have been created by Italian designers and manufacturers for restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops and other culinary specialities. Since 1978, Tecnoeka produces premium equipment for cooking applications by commercial operators. The acronym of the ‘Eka’ brand in Italian means ‘appliances and components for furnishing’.

Eka continues to manufacture reliable products that are characterised by quality, efficiency and technological innovation. Their goal is to continuously improve their product’s capabilities by simplifying the work of those who use their equipment. This has helped to position Eka as a leading supplier of oven equipment across all food and hospitality venues in Australia.

With its leading designs, the combi oven developed by Eka offers many intelligent features that are controlled by a touch screen, wireless integration and USB support. Food cooking instructions can be pre-set and programmed to cook in accordance with the chef’s requirements. Eka combi ovens are available in a range of sizes, and include the Millennial Touch Screen Cooking, Millennial Touch Screen Bakery and Pastry and Evolution Snack.

These appliances all feature air flow, humid flow and dry flow logic systems so that the food being cooked is heated and prepared to perfection. Even the most elaborate dish will be cooked evenly so that your clients will be impressed by your cooking capabilities. Whether you operate a restaurant, catering house, kitchen, or other venue, Eka’s range of ovens should be an important component of your cook.

Benefits of using Combi Ovens

Combi ovens are a very popular appliance in commercial kitchens. They enable food to be cooked uniformly with the right balance of dry heat and steam. The result is perfectly balanced crisp and moist food that tastes delicious while retaining the right amount of moisture.

Here are a few benefits of using a Combi Oven

  • Consolidation

Cook food using either dry heat, steam or a mix of both with one appliance. You will save on space and be able to cook more types of food without having to compromise on taste, texture and nutritional value. This is ideal for large and busy commercial kitchens that need to cook food to perfect in a rush, in volume and without delay. The combi oven is the ideal candidate to meet these requirements, and they will cook delicious meals all the time without many issues, errors or compromises.

  • Flexibility

Offering both convection (dry) heat and steam heat functionality, the combi oven is a practical appliance that can be used to cook all types of food. Whether you serve fish, meat, vegetables, pastries, bread, rice, pasta or other types of food, you can use a combi oven to bake, broil, poach, roast, steam and warm. The variety of operations makes it a great appliance when the kitchen wants to complete multiple tasks.

  • Lower cost

The combi oven will save the kitchen money because it will only have to invest in one device that does both. The kitchen will also save space and can use the spared money and space with another helpful and useful appliance. Also, a oven cooks food to perfection which means that food cooks in less time and there will be fewer errors in the cook because you can control the cooking settings better with an oven.

  • Easy to use

Combi ovens are easy to use. The latest models include air, humidity and temperature controls to allow the operator to adequately regulate the cooking modes to suit the type of food being heated or cooked. This makes it a useful tool to have, as anyone in the kitchen can operate it!

  • Tastier food

A combi oven helps you to not compromise on taste. You will cook tastier food that is moist, crisp and prepared at the right temperature without much effort. Your clients will be delighted by the quality of the cook and will be impressed by the short amount of time it takes to prepare great food.

Frequently Asked Questions - Combi Ovens

  • What is a combi oven?

    A combi oven offers both steam cooking and convection (dry heat) cooking. You can either use steam, convection or a combination of both modes.

  • What does a Combi Oven do?

    The combi oven cooks food with steam, dry heat or a mix of both. Dry heat (convection) cooking is ideal for pastries and breads. Steam cooking is ideal for fish, rice and vegetable. The main benefit of the combi oven is that you will have greater control of the humidity and moisture levels in the food.

  • What are commercial convection ovens?

    A commercial convection oven uses dry heat to cook food. This oven will circulate dry heat and can cause food to become dry or shrink because the moisture in the food evaporates. Therefore, convection ovens are best used for heating dry foods.

  • What is a Combi Oven Used for?

    A combi oven is used to regulate the moisture level in food. Instead of drying out food, an oven can be used to perform a mix of both steam and convection cooking. For example, you can cook food at a higher heat setting without the food burning or becoming excessively dry.

  • Do you need a hood for an electric convection oven?

    While convection ovens usually do not require an exhaust hood, a combi oven will require a hood because the oven produces steam. Notwithstanding, given electric convection ovens operate at a higher temperature and can create steam if the food has moisture, it should ideally be located under an exhaust rangehood.

  • What are the advantages of using a combi oven in a busy commercial kitchen?

    A combi oven is well suited to a busy commercial kitchen. Since the oven can cook food using both steam and dry heat, you will only need one appliance and this will save on space. In addition, a combi oven helps you to regulate the humidity in the oven chamber so the food stays moist during the cook.

  • How do you clean a combi oven?

    Like any other oven, you must take care when cleaning a oven. Regular cleaning is advised in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure you use a soft cloth, with non-abrasive cleaning applicants. Do not overwork the cleaning regime as this can damage the oven’s materials. Avoid applying water on electrical components.

  • Do electric ovens need ventilation?

    Yes, Most ovens are designed to enable ventilation around the unit. However, this should be assessed by a qualified and experienced oven installer. For combi ovens, an exhaust hood is required to extract the steam created by the combi oven when the steam oven mode is selected.

  • What is a commercial combi oven?

    A commercial combi oven offers commercial kitchens versatility. Instead of having a separate steam oven and convection oven, a combi oven performs both functions using the same device. This saves storage space and helps kitchen operators perform well during high demand.

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