Meat Band Saws

About Meat Band Saws

Meat band saws are renowned for their ability to produce precision cuts of meat. This tool reduces the strain associated with many handheld alternatives and delivers consistent and precise cuts for both fresh and frozen meat.

This tool is essential for industries and businesses that produce large quantities of meat on a daily basis, including butchers, commercial kitchens, supermarkets and processing centres.

Brice Australia has sourced and supplied businesses with meat band saws directly from Spain, as they are distinguished for their high-quality craftsmanship and for producing some of the world’s best cuts of meat.

A meat band saw isn’t just another tool to add to the kitchen; it is an investment. By reducing time in labour, you can increase your productivity and profit!

Commercial Meat Band Saw Supplier in Australia

As one of the country’s most reputable suppliers, Brice Australia has been one of the leading suppliers of kitchen equipment and appliances for the commercial sector. Brice Australia is known for the high-quality products they deliver to kitchens and businesses and the unparalleled ongoing customer care and assistance they provide.

Meat Band Saws Available at Brice Australia

Our long history in the industry gives us the unique opportunity to understand intimately what commercial kitchens require and where improvements need to be made. 

Our long-standing relationship with our network of manufacturers means that when we receive your feedback, we work with our partners to ensure that the products we deliver exceed your expectations.

Here are the three Meat Band Saw for sale:

LAMAE155 Benchtop Meat Band Saw: 

The LAMAE155 has been built with food-grade stainless steel and anodised aluminium, with a compact benchtop design to integrate into any space seamlessly. This machine is highly corrosive resistant and operates the drive-reduction gears in an oil bath to maximise lubrication and produce quality performance. 

LAMCE182-1 Benchtop Meat Band Saw:

The LAMCE182-1 has been built with stainless steel and differentiates itself from the LAMAE155 with features of a detachable waste pan, a safety interlock switch on the door, and a low-voltage start button. This highly compact machine has been designed with the commercial benchtop in mind, with the capability to cut through frozen meat and bone effortlessly. 

MAIBM3000JV Floor Mounted Meat Band Saw:

The MAIBM3000JV has been built with stainless steel to deliver a solution for butchers and businesses cutting and sectioning large quantities of meat in a safe and straightforward way. The floor-mounted band saw provides a low maintenance and time-efficient option that will deliver consistent, quality cuts of meat. 

Why Choose Brice Australia for Buying a Meat Band Saw?

Brice Australia has been a reputable supplier of commercial kitchen equipment across the country since 1939. Our long history allows us to understand our client’s expectations thoroughly and consistently deliver impeccable customer service and top-quality products.

We have established partnerships with Australian and International manufacturers who share the common goal and commitment of providing you with the latest kitchen technology without compromising on necessary components or features.

We are confident that our products are among the best on the market and are committed to ensuring their longevity through our offer of service and repair options on our appliances Australia-wide and optional extended warranty features.