Brice Australia is the exclusive distributor of Berkel Meat Slicers and equipment in Australia. The Berkel-Brice partnership shares the same vision of quality and reliability in all its equipment.

Berkel Slicers and Equipment Distributor Australia

Since 1898 the Berkel name has been synonymous with quality and precision. Willhelmus Adrianus van Berkel was born on 5th February 1869 in Enschot (Netherlands).

At the age of 20, he started to work as a butcher, but his primary passion was always mechanics. Young and very enterprising, he worked tirelessly to develop a system slicing cold meats with a mechanical device.

His idea was to assist the butcher at work and offer the customers more uniform products in their dimensions and thickness of the slice.

In few years he went from a simple butcher to a worldwide successful entrepreneur. In 1898 William van Berkel manufactured the first meat slicing machine. His invention not only met a genuine need it soon became a true status symbol.

Production was up and running after 12 months and the first year’s production was 100 slicers. Demand was swift and production in the second year was 600 slicers. This clearly led the way to additional manufacturing plants and sales outside The Netherlands.

Berkel is the oldest slicing company in the world. After 100 years, the Berkel name still means perfection, reliability, innovation, and durability. Berkel is not just a trademark, it’s a dedication to elegance and quality.

On 4 April 1939, Jack Brice gave life to his commitment by forming Brice Scale & Slicer Co., the only Australian manufacturer of electric slicers, mixers and potato peelers. Fifteen years later, on 2 May 1954, the company was incorporated, and the name changed to Brice Australia.

Nearly 80 years later Brice Australia is justifiably proud of its reputation for providing high quality equipment to the Australian supermarkets, food service and retail industries.

No longer a manufacturer Brice Australia sources and distributes equipment from some of the most prestigious suppliers in Europe.

We service Berkel Meat Slicer Australia-wide, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth.