Fully Automatic Meat Slicers

Our fully-automatic meat slicers are the ultimate tools for large and busy food preparation environments. These German-made slicing instruments have been carefully designed, engineered and manufactured to deliver continuous exceptional results. While the operator will remain in complete control of the slicing operation, these slicers are completely programmable, electronically controlled, high-performing and easy to clean and maintain.

With the ability to slice and stack or shingle the meat, operators can immediately use the sliced meat for food preparation or sale. These commercial automatic meat slicers are ideal for butchers or supermarkets who experience high customer demand for premium quality meats.

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Fully Automatic Commercial Meat Slicers Supplier in Australia

Our fully-automatic meat slicers operate independently to help the operator minimise food preparation time. Known for their reliability, powerful motors and precision slicing blade, our fully automatic slicers will save you time and money. The slicers have been designed to minimise food wastage, perform continuously and adapt to different operator requirements with a variable programming controller.

Fully-Automatic Meat Slicer Models

    • VA2000 and VA4000 Automatic Meat Slicer: Featuring a 300 mm diameter blade (VA2000) or a 330 mm diameter blade (VA4000), these slicers are programmable, fully automatic slicers that are fast, clean and efficient and ideal for large kitchens, delicatessens and processed meat works. Besides slicing food products, it collects the slices on a product receiving tray in either vertical stacks, shingled groups, or a constant shingled form. The number of slices to each stack or group can be set at the control panel by the operator. Maximum stack heights or a constant shingle can be easily and simply programmed. Depending on the product width, two or more pieces may be loaded onto the meat table for a slice operation, increasing productivity.
  • VA4000AT Automatic Meat Slicer: The Model VA4000 food slicer is built for high volumes and hard work. Featuring an intelligent 880 mm conveyor belt for continuous production of slicing that can be easily removed for cleaning, this slicer enables the operator to slice many portions of meat for a quick slicing operation. The machine can be programmed to operate independently so the operator can attend to other tasks during operation.

Key Features of Fully Automatic Commercial Meat Slicers

  • Manufactured in stainless steel.
  • Fully automatic slicing and stacking operations.
  • Combined end piece holder and meat comb to minimise slicing waste.
  • Programmable slicing and shingling speeds.
  • Machine can be programmed for unattended operation.
  • Removable sharpening device.
  • Gear driven blade and fan-cooled motor.
  • Chain driven carriage.
  • Carriage can be tilted for easy cleaning.

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