5 Tips for Buying a Commercial Meat Slicer in Australia

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A commercial meat slicer makes slicing meat easy. Whether you are slicing the meat for sale or using the sliced meat for a dish you are about to serve, increase productivity and precision and invest in a slicer that boasts features including an inbuilt sharpening device, a robust construction for easy cleaning and safety mechanisms that provide a safe and efficient operation.

Our full range of commercial meat slicers are available in belt-driven, gear-driven, vertical, semi-automatic, fully-automatic, and traditional/vintage models. Our fully-automatic slicers will carefully slice and stack the product allowing you to continue working on other tasks. For those who want to maintain control over their slicing, our manual slicers will allow you to customise each slice to ensure tailor-made precision.

Here are 5 tips for buying a commercial meat slicer:

1. Consider Your Needs

Depending on the business that you operate, you will need to assess your needs. You might want to consider your strategic business objectives, what equipment your staff are familiar with, whether additional training might be required and which type of equipment will assist in delivering the output that you require.

2. Consider the Volume of Meat You Slice

How much meat do you slice during a typical day? A deli will require a lot of meat to be sliced for sale, whereas a restaurant will only need to slice meat for the dishes that require it. A fully-automatic slicer has a set and forget function that will slice the meat into a stack ready for use. A semi-automatic slicer operates in both manual and automatic modes. Variable carriage movement lengths are ideal to suit various-sized meats, and adjustable slicing speeds can be selected depending on the delicacy of the meat.

3. Specification and Features

Invest in a commercial meat slicer with leading features and specifications. Our slicers feature a built-in sharpening function, blade ring guards for added safety and an innovative design that allows for quick equipment disassembly for simple cleaning without the need for tools. In addition, our slicers have variable slicing adjustments that can slice the piece of meat to the nearest millimetre.

4. Compare the Products Available

A range of products stocked by suppliers can be viewed online. This allows you to quickly compare the product that you are after and to assess whether it will suit your individual requirements. At Brice Australia, our new online Enquiry Cart functionality allows you to save products in the cart for comparison and further inquiry purposes. We can help you discuss the items in your cart to help you make an informed decision.

5. Receive A Demonstration

It is always worthwhile visiting our showroom and inspecting the commercial meat slicer before purchase. At Brice Australia, we have our products on display for our customers to see. Our friendly sales staff are available to discuss any queries that you have, show you the equipment and allow you to inspect it at your pleasure.

Brice Australia stock leading European-made commercial meat slicers that are crafted using anodised materials, have safety features, boast sharp blades and operating using powerful motors.

Are you about to purchase a commercial meat slicer? Hope these tips 5 Tips for Buying a Commercial Meat Slicer would help you. Share your buying tips with the community by posting them in the comments section below.

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