3 Best Fully Automatic Commercial Meat Slicers

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A commercial meat slicer is an important piece of equipment in any butcher, delicatessen, restaurant, or pizzeria. Slice meat to perfection with fully-automatic commercial meat slicers that not only slices the meat but stacks or shingles it according to your specifications.

In a recent blog titled “Top 5 Best Commercial Meat Slicers” we shared with you our complete range of meat slicers that are available at Brice Australia. We stock a wide range of slicers to suit various needs and requirements. Of particular interest to our customers is our suite of fully automatic commercial meat slicers. These slicers are known to improve productivity, assist high output environments and maintain consistency and quality.

In this blog, we discuss our top three fully automatic commercial slicers for 2024:

1. VA2000 Fully Automatic Commercial Meat Slicers

Manufactured in Germany, this fully-automatic and programmable slicer is fast, clean and efficient. Ideal for large operations, the slicer has been built to process a high volume of meat on a continuous basis with minimal downtime. In addition to slicing meat, it will also stack or shingle each layer.  Depending on the width of the ingredient, it is possible for two or more pieces of meat to be loaded on the table for one slice operation, increasing productivity.

2. VA4000 Fully Automatic Commercial Meat Slicers

This model is similar to the VA2000, however it boasts a 30 mm larger blade and additional programming features. This model has 99 programmable slicing settings, each programme can be customised to suit the type of ingredient, speed of the carriage, slice thickness and all parameters for stacking, shingling down and cross or circle shingling. In addition, the speed of carriage is infinitely variable, with options varying from 25 to 55 strokes per minute.

3. VA400AT Fully Automatic Commercial Meat Slicers

This slicer is our most superior fully-automatic commercial meat slicer. With enhancing customer productivity in mind, the manufacturers have ensured that a continuous slicing operation is possible. With an 880 mm conveyor belt, the operator can periodically load meat onto the table and the slicer will operate continuously by stacking or shingling the meat according to your specifications. In addition, the slicing and shingling speeds can be varied to suit high volume environments.

Brice Australia continue to stock leading commercial meat slicers for Australia’s food and hospitality industry. With leading slicers to cover a suite of operations, for example:

We are certain that you will find your match. Contact the team on 1300 664 880 to discuss your next commercial meat slicer.

Thinking about investing in a commercial meat slicer? Share your thoughts below on what you think makes a high-quality commercial meat slicer.

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