VA2000 Automatic Meat Slicer

Made in Germany Made in Germany
VA2000 Automatic Meat Slicer

The VA2000 programmable fully automatic meat slicer is fast, clean and efficient, ideal for large kitchens, delicatessens and processed meat works.

The Model VA2000 automatic meat slicer is built for high volumes and hard work. It is fully automatic, fast, clean and efficient.

Besides slicing food products, it collects the slices on a product receiving tray in either vertical stacks or single layer shingling.

Depending on the product width, two or more pieces may be loaded on the meat table for one slice operation, increasing productivity.

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  • Manufactured in stainless steel to resist the corrosive effects of salts and acids.
  • Fully automatic slicing and stacking operations.
  • Combined End Piece Holder and Meat Comb to minimise slicing waste.
  • Complete self contained inbuilt sharpening device.
  • Chain driven blade and fan- cooled motor.
  • Safety cutout switches for sharpener and blade cover.
  • Separate push-button ON, OFF and START switches for safety.
Blade (mm): 300
Overall Dimensions (mm): 853 x 800 x 490
Single (240V) phase or three (415V) phase motor power requirement (W) : 600
Net weight (kg): 75
Slice Capacity Height (mm): 195
Length (mm): 255
Max. Slice thickness (mm): 10

Customer Reviews

  1. Kendrea L.

    Works well and very easy to clean. Great value for money, consistent and effortless slicing.

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