Cheese Grater

Graters for Cheese

Invented in the 1540s by Frenchman Francois Boullier, the cheese grater has come a long way and has become a must-have in any business or commercial kitchen.

Today, different types of Cheese Slicers are available, with some used in smaller delis for slicing cheese into smaller blocks or pieces for sale, right through to graters that are used in the commercial kitchens of pizzerias and even dairy farms that work with or produce cheese products on a large scale.

Smaller box commercial graters are commonly found in households and kitchens, whilst larger graters are typically used in commercial operations where large amounts of cheese are processed and used.

Many people don’t know that cheese shredders are not only used for cheese. They can also be used to grate and crush nuts and crumbing bread.

Brice Australia supplies a range of heavy-duty commercial & Industrial cheese grater for small to medium production. We deliver commercial kitchen equipment Australia-wide, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth.

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Why Choose Brice Australia’s, Cheese Graters?

We hand-pick our kitchen equipment to satisfy our clients’ needs and requirements. We stock a wide range of commercial cheese graters to suit small and large commercial operations. Our products have been manufactured by leading European organisations that understand how to design and craft reliable, high-performance and precision commercial kitchen equipment. This enables you to use professional tools to help you prepare amazing food and cuisine. Take control over your preparation and cook with a well-built and long-lasting cheese grater from Brice Australia.

Commercial Cheese Graters Supplier in Australia

commercial graters to small and large kitchens, delis, supermarkets, canteens and other food and hospitality venues throughout Australia. We are determined to supply reliable and functional graters that you can regularly use throughout your busy day without worry. No matter what type of cheese you need to grate, our line of handpicked electric cheese grater from well-known international manufacturers places you in good hands.

Buy heavy-duty and electric cheese graters in Australia.

Many rotary and electric cheese graters can help you achieve perfectly grated cheese for your food and cuisine. It is important that you select the right type of equipment for your operations. Since graters can help you produce different outputs, it is important that you know exactly what type of grater to use as you prepare your dish or food item. Whether you want to shred, slice, grate and zest the cheese, there are graters available that can achieve one, many or all tasks.

If you are preparing a salad, adding parmesan to a spaghetti dish, or assembling a cheese platter, a multi-purpose box grater or a versatile microplane grater can achieve all tasks. The large shredding holes on a grater are useful for soft cheeses and you can quickly shred the cheese to prepare fillings and add to dishes like pizza. The medium shredding holes can also be used for soft cheese and are ideal for food items that require more finely grated cheese, like arancini. The smallest shredding holes are suitable for hard cheeses like parmesan which can be added to pasta dishes.

For larger operations requiring cheese preparation on scale, automatic machines can help to grate cheese without much oversight autonomously. This is ideal for large restaurants, catering facilities and delis that need to prepare cheese for cooking or direct sale in short amounts of time. The machines can be set to grate large volumes of soft and hard types of cheese without significant effort, delay or downtime. This helps to speed up food preparation so that it is ready for sale or use in food preparation.

At Brice Australia, we stock various types of Commercial & Industrial cheese graters / Cheese shredders to help you prepare food perfectly. Our Kitchen Equipment range includes European-inspired and manufactured versatile, user-friendly and reliable tools.

Cheese Graters - FAQs

  • What grater do chefs use?

    Chefs use many types of graters including handheld and automatic types. At Brice Australia, we supply a wide range of heavy duty graters that are useful for commercial operations with large output requirements.

  • What are the 4 sides of a cheese grater?

    The four sides on a cheese grater can achieve shredding, zesting and slicing.

  • Which side of the grater is for shredding?

    Usually, on a conventional grater, there are two sides that can be used for shredding produce. The sides which have the large holes and medium sized holes are recommended for this purpose. A vertical hand motion with sufficient pressure will shred the ingredient evenly.

  • Can a cheese grater be used as a zester?

    Yes, it depends on the type of grater you have. The surface with the very small and outward protruding holes are ideal for zesting fruits, hard cheeses and spices.

  • What is the best cheese grater for commercial kitchens?

    A large automatic cheese grater is ideal for operators of large commercial kitchens that don’t want to waste time completing manual activities.

  • Is there an electric cheese grater for corporate kitchens?

    Yes. You can save preparation time when automatically grating cheese without having to undergo manual operations.

  • Is it safe to use cheese grater in commercial kitchens?

    Yes. All commercial cheese shredder come fitted with safety features so that the cheese can be handled safely when it is fed into the machine to be grated.

  • How do you get food out of a grater?

    When food becomes stuck in a grater, it is best to ensure that you have turned off the electric power and performed any disassembling procedures in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Be careful not to injure yourself.

  • What is coarse grater?

    A coarse grater is a handheld tool that is used to apply finely grated, shredded or zested produce to a dish. For example, you may want to grate parmesan cheese, apply citrus zest to a cake or add shredded carrot to a chutney.

  • What is the difference between microplane grater and commercial cheese grater?

    A microplane grater is a handheld grater, whereas a commercial cheese grater is an automatic machine. Depending on the volume of cheese that needs to be grated, you can choose either apparatus to suit your needs.

  • What are some of the tips to clean a cheese grater?

    The best way to clean your cheese grater is to rinse with warm water when you’re done shredding or grating cheese and ensure that you scrub against the grain when washing.

  • What is the purpose of all of the sides of a four-sided cheese grater?

    The four sides of a cheese grater have distinctly different uses.

    Large holes are used for hard and soft cheese but can also be used on produce such as carrots and zucchini. Smaller shredding holes are used for finely grating hard cheese that you want to sprinkle on top of pasta or pizza. You can also use this side to finely grate chocolate. Rough holes are used for zesting. This creates very small, fine shavings and is often used to zest lemons or garlic.

    Lastly, slicing holes are a great option for creating thin slices of produce (think half-moons of zucchini) or large curls of cheese.

  • What is the best use for a cheese grater other than cheese?

    There are a lot of great uses for a cheese grater other than cheese such as slicing peppers, shredding carrots, grating spices and even flaking chocolate.

  • How do you maintain a grater?

    The main rules for maintaining a cheese grater are – using some oil before using the grater to stop food from sticking to it and ensuring that you clean it immediately after use to avoid food getting stuck to the grater.

  • Can I put a cheese grater in the dishwasher?

    Most graters can go in the dishwasher; however, it is important to check your individual cheese grater and ensure that it is dishwasher safe before you put it in.

  • What to look for in a commercial cheese grater while buying?

    The most important thing to consider when choosing a commercial cheese grater are the kinds of cheese or other foods you need to use the cheese grater for and the volume of cheese and foods you will require it to process.

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