Where to Buy Cheese Grater in Melbourne?

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Buying Cheese Graters

A cheese grater is a versatile piece of equipment that is a staple in any commercial kitchen. Whether you want to cook something sweet or savoury, a cheese grater not only grates cheese but various other ingredients such as bread and nuts. These graters are ideal for use in restaurants, canteens, community centres, delicatessens, pizzerias, and commercial kitchens.

We stock European-made equipment that has been tested and built to last. With a stainless steel finish and strong, powerful motors, our cheese graters have been designed to deliver a larger output in a shorter time frame. With effortless operation and large inlet chutes, these best cheese graters will maximise productivity so that you can spend more time on the cook. The La Minerva brand from Italy is well known and has been widely used in kitchens around Australia for many years.

Here are a few benefits of our cheese graters:

Powerful Motor

The GF Series Graters and the FGSD107 Cheese Grater have large, powerful motors that can grate a large volume of ingredients in minutes. With single-phase motors ranging between 1.0 to 5.0 horsepower, these motors can withstand harder ingredients. This allows you to minimise the preparation time and have the ingredients ready for the cook.

Clog-Free Operation

The GF Series Graters and the FGSD107 Cheese Grater have large inlet chutes with a grid-free outlet. This allows for a seamless operation throughout the grating process. Instead of having to dice the ingredient into smaller cubes, the wide chutes minimise downtime.

Simple to Use

Our cheese graters are easy to use, reliable and quick to clean. Especially with grating, the fine residue that might be left behind after an operation needs to be cleaned out effortlessly to prevent it from mixing with other ingredients. Our automatic graters also feature a large collection tub to collect the grated ingredient.

Call Brice Australia on 1300 664 880 to discuss the purchase of your next cheese grater today.

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