Mandoline Slicer Buying Guide 2024

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Mandoline Slicer Buying Guide

Before you purchase a commercial mandoline slicer in Australia, You may check this Mandoline Slicer Buying Guide and consider the following:

  1. Have you consulted your staff?

    It is important that you consult the staff that will be using the mandoline slicer regularly. Ensure you select the right mandoline slicer for your business.

  2. Have you provided appropriate training to your staff?

    Ensure your staff know how to use the mandoline to avoid unnecessary damage to the mandoline and manage operator safety.  Always use the guard provided.

  3. Do you know how to maintain a mandoline slicer?

    All kitchen equipment needs to be maintained appropriately to protect the integrity and longevity of the device. After every use, remember to disassemble the mandoline and clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Types of Mandoline Slicers

We stock the following mandoline slicers with differing features. Depending on your specific needs and requirements, invest in a mandoline slicer or range of mandoline slicers that will enhance your food preparation and cook.

chefs mandoline slicer australia
  • Chef’s Mandoline Slicer:  The classically designed Chef’s Mandoline is constructed from high-grade stainless steel and is able to slice, julienne and matchstick most vegetable and fruit types.

With a lever adjustment for slice thickness and 4 interchangeable julienne blade blocks – 2, 4, 7 and 10 mm, this mandoline is versatile. It also features a polycarbonate guard and a non-skid stand for maximum safety in cutting.

classic mandoline slicer australia
  • Classic Mandoline Slicer: The Classic Mandoline offers superior and effortless cutting of most fruit and vegetable types.
  • The mandoline is lever adjustable to help you tailor the cut, and features a built-in blade block of 3 mm / 10 mm. With a built-in guard to protect the operator and a 4 point non-skid stand, the mandoline is ideal for busy operating environments.
vivaldi mandoline slicer australia
  • Vivaldi Mandoline Slicer: The Brice Vivaldi Mandoline slicer is the ideal lightweight kitchen accessory perfect for aspiring chefs.

Mandoline Slicer Features to Consider

Consider the following features and characteristics when shopping for a mandoline slicer:

  • Look for a sturdy and reliable construction a non-slip stand and a handguard.
  • Sharp blades are important so you do not have to force the produce against the blade. This will also ensure the mandoline produces clean and precise cuts without extra effort.
  • The mandoline slicer must be comfortable on your hands and make the slicing process simple and precise every time.
  • Look for mandolines manufactured in food grade and quality stainless steel that will ensure food hygiene controls are being maintained.
  • Mandolines should be easy to disassemble and clean so that you can quickly change the product you are slicing without too much downtime.

Here is how to use a classic Mandoline Slicer

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