Mandoline Slicers

Brice Australia supplies high-quality vegetable slicers, cutters, mandoline slicer and wedgers for commercial kitchens.

Mandolines & Vegetable Slicers Supplier in Australia

Our extensive range of slicers, cutters and wedgers are useful in domestic and commercial kitchens. Instead of spending time cutting the ingredients by hand one piece at a time, our mandoline slicers offer precision cutting, a greater output and safer preparation.

Our Chef’s Mandoline is the ideal light-weight vegetable slicer that can slice, julienne and matchstick most vegetables to variable widths. For the entire range of the best vegetable slicers, we stock leading equipment that can slice through all types of vegetables, and fruit too.

Common features across our slicer range include high-grade stainless steel to ease the cutting procedure, variable lever adjustments to tailor the cut and and a non-skid stand and safety guard for a safe operation. This is what makes the best mandoline slicer available.

We service Australia-wide including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth.