How Much Do Access Control Systems Cost in Melbourne?

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In the modern world of retail in Melbourne, access control systems are essential customer management equipment. We stock leading German-designed and constructed access control systems that have been created with space, elegance and operability in mind. In partnership with Wanzl Metallwaren Fabrik GmbH, we are able to distribute these systems that have been used throughout the world in various retail environments.

Access control systems are important for various reasons. Not only do they prevent customers from exiting the shop with unpaid products, but they also provide valuable data information. Our systems have in-built counters to calculate patronage numbers. For example, our eGate has an integrated PC interface that offers unlimited possibilities for exchanging data.

All of our access control systems can be built according to the customer’s design requirements and specifications. Here are a few key features.

Custom Design

The access control system can be constructed to suit the dimensions of your entrance to your retail store. The system is also fabricated with high-quality finishes including high gloss chrome and plastic-powder coating and available in nine attractive colours to suit your décor.

Variable Settings

The gates can open either from the left, right or synchronised in the middle. The systems can be set to have an opening time typically between 1 and 16 seconds. Longer times are ideal for wheelchair access patrons. There is also an anti-panic, exit, function should the power be disabled.

Theft Prevention

All systems are fitted with alarms should the gates face tampering. Whilst the Ecoport Beam/Radar Gate has an audible alarm, the Technoport Beam/Radar Gate has a visible strobe light to warn operators of the store.

Order your new custom-built access control system at Brice Australia. Discuss your requirements with a friendly technician on 1300 664 880

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