Where to Buy Commercial Meat Processing Equipment in Australia?

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Industrial and Commercial meat processing equipment is the safe, reliable and easy way to prepare meat ready for the cook in Melbourne. Saving time, effort and cost, meat processing equipment ensures that less wastage occurs, demand is satisfied and there is consistency in the preparation of the meat.

At Brice Australia, we continue to stock leading European-made equipment that is highly regarded in the food and hospitality community. Our commercial meat processing equipment is ideal for businesses of all sizes and capabilities.  We stock leading meat mincers, meat mixers, meat tenderisers, band saws, patty makers, sausage fillers and bowl cutters. Our equipment is built to last and has been crafted with safety, hygiene and productivity in mind.

Common features across our equipment include: anodised aluminium or stainless steel materials powerful motors and high quality steel blades to ensure long lasting operation. We stock various models in our range of equipment that can accommodate different types of meats. Some will work even if the meat is semi-frozen. This minimises downtime and shortens the preparation process.  Special blades enable you to slice cheese with ease.

Our meat mincers have large cutting groups, reversible switches and fan-cooled motors to ensure a fast operation without blockages that allows you to change the meat seamlessly without compromising the previous batch. Our patty makers save time and effort, and our CE653 Patty Maker can produce 2,100 patties per hour. Preparing sausages has never been easier with our automatic sausage fillers that will consistently supply meat into the sausage casing with variable speed and pressure settings.

Our meat tenderisers are easy to use. With hundreds of small sharp blades, the meat will be ready for marinating or seasoning within minutes. Tough and reliable band saws are the safe way to cut meat with bones even if the produce is semi-frozen. Our bowl cutters and meat mixers can mix various types of meats to provide a homogenous and consistent tailored texture ready for the cook.

The Brice name is trusted in the food industry and well known for quality of commercial kitchen equipment and service back up.

Organise the order of your next commercial meat processing equipment with Brice Australia on 1300 664 880.

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