Top 5 Tips for Buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Australia

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Commercial kitchen equipment are essential tools in any food business. To deliver quality food to customers, clients depend on reliable and effective equipment. Before you invest in commercial kitchen equipment it is essential that you consider your needs, your business and the output you need to deliver.

Brice Australia is a leading food equipment supplier stocking the finest European made equipment. We continue to supply operators of large kitchens right through to those running smaller facilities. Our products are versatile, long-lasting and easy to clean. Key features include high-quality anodised materials, safety features and powerful motors.

Here are 5 tips for buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment:

Commercial Kitchen Equipments


1. Do Your Homework and Choose Wisely

Do your research and understand what you are buying. At Brice Australia, we have a highly skilled sales and technical team happy to answer any queries that you might have.  We are happy to conduct equipment demonstrations to help you make your equipment purchase.

2. Consider All Options

Go to a supplier that stocks a wide range of products. At Brice Australia we stock various models of equipment to suit all kinds of businesses, kitchen environments and technical capabilities. We stock a wide range of automatic and manual slicers, food processing equipment, mixers, meat processing equipment, light kitchen equipment, ovens, grills, food wrapping machines, food vacuum sealers and weighing scales.

3. Select a Product Based on Comfort

Many people select products based on price or the number of features. However, selecting commercial kitchen equipment will make your food preparation, and cooking process easier is important. Check to see if the equipment will achieve your objectives, the convenience required, and the result you wish to present to your customers.

4. Think About The Future

What might be practical today, might not be suitable tomorrow. Consider whether your business is going to grow and whether you require a larger, more powerful, machine for your operations.  Brice Australia pride themselves on long-lasting equipment. At Brice Australia, we offer high quality technical support and a wide range of genuine supplier spare parts.  We also offer a range of service agreements that can be selected in addition to the standard warranty for the product.

5. Try Something Different

It is tempting to choose products that you are familiar with. However, think innovatively and creatively and try a product that might require a bit of training. Our friendly team members are happy to show you what to do. Do not fear buying a new product, as we are there to guide you.  We can conduct in house training sessions so that all your staff are up to speed on the use of your new equipment.

If you need new equipment drop into our showroom to speak to a friendly sales representative or technician. Our products are versatile, long-lasting and easy to clean. Key features include high quality anodised materials, safety features and powerful motors. Do not hesitate to give us a call should you want more information about a specific model.

Have you considered buying commercial kitchen equipment? What valuable tips have you come across during your discussions? Share them in the comments section below.

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