Slice Meat to Perfection with Commercial Meat Slicers

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Whether you are serving a meal to a customer or slicing up meat for sale in your butcher or delicatessen, you know that perfectly cut meat shows elegance and quality. Whilst there are a lot of commercial meat slicers available in Melbourne, few offer precision cutting ability on a continuous basis.

We stock European-made manual and automatic slicers. We have a range of slicers ideal for various facilities within the food and hospitality industry. Whether you are after very thin slices or a slicer that operates to produce large volumes of cut meat, you will find a model that suits your needs. And, don’t worry, our slicers resist corrosion, maintain precision and are easy to clean and sharpen!

We suggest identifying and understanding your meat preparation requirements to help you choose the right commercial meat slicer for you. We stock gear driven slicers for heavy duty applications. For medium and light duty work we also stock a range of belt driven slicers. For those working in fast-paced environments, we stock semi and fully automatic slicers with a set-and-forget function. These are suitable for busy operations to allow simple and effective multi-tasking. If you have limited space but require a heavy duty small slicer we have a slicer to suit your needs.

Purchasing commercial meat slicers from us means that you are investing in a product that is selected from the finest range of slicers in the market. Backed with a team of local service technicians, we are there to help you along the way and ensure that you are slicing meat to perfection all the time.

Brice Australia has been serving and supporting the Australian community since 1939. Call us on 1300 644 880 to discuss your requirements because we are certain that we can find you the right product.

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