Berkel Vacuum Sealer

Berkel Vacuum Sealer

Berkel Vacuum Sealer

Through its unique and unmistakable style, Berkel has transformed an ordinary household appliance into an innovative object with a refined design.

The Berkel signature imprinted on the stainless steel enhances the visual impact of Berkel Vacuum Packer, perfect for display in your kitchen.

The Berkel Food Vacuum Sealer perfectly compliments the slicer, guaranteeing the conversation of flavours, freshness and quality of foods, while eliminating unnecessary waste.

Get the best deals on food vacuum sealers. We deliver Berkel Vacuum Sealers Australia-wide.

  • Lit window display
  • Double suction pump for greater duration over time
  • Excellent flow rate equal to 18 litre/min to reduce work times
  • 3 sealing programmers (dry, humid and very humid foods)
  • 2 speed levels for very delicate food stuffs
  • Other functions: sealing, vacuum for containers and rapid marination
  • Hygienic stainless steel cover
Model HL Vacuum Packer
Size: W x D x H (mm) 440 x 245 x 113
Sealing Bar (Professional Aluminium Type) L 315 x W 315mm
Nominal Pump Capacity 18 litre/min
Maximum Vacuum 11.9 psi
Motor 240 50Hz 130W
Weight 4kg

Customer Reviews

  1. Miles

    It’s a great addition to your kitchen. My recommendations are with this vacuum packer.

  2. Joan

    Seals food well and works great with delicate produce. Easy to use.

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