All you need to know about Commercial Meat Slicers

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History of meat slicers

Meat slicers continue to be used in commercial and domestic applications given its benefits and its ability to slice various types of meat to perfection. One of the first meat slicers was invented by a Dutch butcher and engineer in the 1890s. The inventor, Willhelm Adrianus Van Berkel, is known for having invented some of the best meat slicers in the world. At Brice Australia, we are proud to be an exclusive distributor of Berkel products including the prestigious Flywheel Meat Slicers.

The meat slicer was invented to make it easier to slice meat without extraordinary effort by the operator, injury to hands and fingers and inaccuracies in the slicing technique. Mr Berkel developed a system reliant on gears to enable the operator to effortlessly rotate a wheel to conduct precision slices with little effort. Simple physics and a clever mind led to the invention being a popular item in kitchens, restaurants, butchers, delicatessens and supermarkets. Nowadays, almost every food and hospitality enterprise use a commercial meat slicer during its operations.

Use of commercial meat slicer

A commercial meat slicer is a piece of kitchen equipment that needs to be handled with care and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important that the operators of the commercial meat slicer are trained to use the slicer in an appropriate, safe and effective manner. If you have any queries about how to use, operate, clean and store your commercial meat slicer, do not hesitate to contact us for tips and advice.

Commercial Meat Slicer

Here are a few tips to have in mind when using a commercial meat slicer:

  • • Be alert: When you are operating the commercial meat slicer and working near an active meat slicer, be alert. The slicer does have a sharp blade and moving parts. Be alert, keep unnecessary conversation and distractions to a minimum and ensure that you are wearing appropriate PPE.
  • • Take safety seriously: Each piece of kitchen equipment should have a safety operation manual or procedure that can be easily accessed by operators. This should explain the procedures to handle the equipment in a safe manner.
  • • Train staff: Check that your staff are trained to use the commercial meat slicer. Provide periodic training and respond to any queries raised by staff. If staff identify a safety hazard, inspect the issue immediately.
  • • Clean well: Make sure that you clean the slicer in an appropriate and safe manner in accordance with the instructions. This will avoid foreign contaminants being exposed to the meat or produce during the next use of the slicer.

Benefits of using commercial meat slicers

There are many benefits of using a commercial meat slicer. These include:

  • • Increase output: Process more meat that is sliced to perfection with a commercial meat slicer that can be operated manually or automatically.
  • • Maintain accuracy and precision: Achieve a better cut that is precise and ensures that less meat is wasted.
  • • Speed up production: Avoid slicing meat by hand and use a commercial meat slicer that provides an even cut with little effort.
  • • Safer operation: Maintain operator safety by using a slicer that avoids having to handle knives and manoeuvre sharp instruments.
  • • Cleaner slice: By cleaning the slicer regularly, the cut will be cleaner without any foreign contaminants affecting the product or the blade.

How to use a commercial meat slicer

To operate this commercial meat slicer, make sure that you consult the instruction manual. In summary, the process involves:

  1. • Ensure the meat slicer is clean, on a stable bench top and away from hazards.
  2. • Select the slicing thickness to 0.
  3. • Pull meat carriage towards you and position the Last Slice Device (LSD).
  4. • Load product on carriage tray.
  5. • Set the slice thickness knob.
  6. • Operate the machine to commence slicing.

manual meat slicer

Some of the popular Meat Slicers at Brice.

GPR Series Belt Driven Meat Slicer

GPR series of manual meat slicers are light-duty and belt-driven. Available in a range of sizes, they are ideal for caterers, restaurants, small/medium kitchens.

OG Series Belt Driven Meat Slicer

The OMAOG Series medium-duty belt driven meat slicers are ideal for small shops and restaurants, caterers, and small/medium kitchens.

350IX Belt Driven Meat Slicer

The Model 350IX gravity-feed manual meat slicer is a heavy duty machine designed for slicing a range of meat products. An ideal commercial meat slicer for restaurants, caterers, medium/large kitchens and delicatessens.

330IK Gear Driven Meat Slicer

The 330IK manual meat slicer is a heavy-duty powerhouse that takes the hard work out of slicing. An ideal meat slicer for caterers, medium/large kitchens and delicatessens, it has been designed for heavy duty applications.

Information you should have about commercial meat slicer

Before you purchase a commercial meat slicer, you need to check that you are purchasing the right type for your needs, requirements and operations. It is important that you consult your staff so that you can understand their views before making your decision. Important factors to consider include the size and space of your work area, the power supply provisions you have, usage and cleaning requirements, repair service options and warranty.  Our highly qualified Service and Sales staff can confidently assist you in deciding what slicer is best suited for your business.  We can arrange a demonstration in our Bayswater show room, or by arrangement, we can come to you.

  • • Size and Space

Consider the size and space of your workspace. You might operate a kitchen, restaurant, butcher, food van or other operating environment where the size and space will need to be assessed. We sell compact commercial meat slicers that should suit most requirements. All commercial meat slicers displayed on our website have complete product specifications including the dimensions to help you make an informed decision. You will need to ensure that the location of the commercial meat slicer is on a stable bench top, with no nearby hazards, close to a reliable power source and away from other operators to maintain appropriate health and safety measures.

  • • Power Supply

You will need a reliable power supply to power the commercial meat slicer. The power supply will depend on the model purchased. Ensure that you connect the commercial meat slicer carefully in accordance with the instructions. If the power supply outlet in your premises or vehicle requires review or modification, engage a qualified electrician to conduct these works. All equipment should be tested and tagged on a regular basis by a qualified technician to provide comfort that the power supply is operating effectively.

  • • Usage and Cleaning

You will need to consider the usage and cleaning requirements of your commercial meat slicer. To maintain warranty and to uphold any terms under a service agreement, you should only use the commercial meat slicer in accordance with the instructions. Any other use, or tampering with the equipment, may void warranty and lead to greater service or repair costs. Ensure that your staff are trained to use the commercial meat slicer appropriately and effectively.

  • • Repair Services

Brice Australia is proud of its products and backs each one with a nationwide support and maintenance network of trained technicians and factory-original spare parts. Service centres in each State can comprehensively support all our equipment. In addition to its normal service arrangements, Brice offers a Support Agreement to suit our clients and their equipment.

A Brice Support Agreement gives you an annual service and preventative maintenance contract that will keep your equipment in excellent condition and working consistently for years.

• Warranty

All commercial meat slicers come with a standard one year warranty. A warranty provides peace of mind that any inherent issues with the commercial meat slicer will be reviewed, assessed and resolved where required. Extended warranty terms are available on request. Conditions may apply. We also offer an extended Service Agreement to keep your equipment in prime condition.

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