Benefits of Food Vacuum Sealer in Commercial Kitchens

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Food Vacuum Sealers

One of the major benefits of the food vacuum sealer is it’s an intelligent device that helps to preserve food. The main purpose of a food vacuum sealer is to extract the oxygen from the food, which helps to keep the food in shape without compromising on taste for longer. Vacuum sealers are common appliances in commercial kitchens when food is prepared in advance and in volume for cooks later in the day or in a few days’ time. Food can be stored in the vacuum-sealed pouches to allow the food to be further prepared and/or cooked.

The main advantage of a food vacuum sealer is preparing food in advance to minimise food wastage. Food can be purchased ahead of the cook and stored for longer without the food spoiling. This is ideal for a commercial kitchen that buys produce in advance but cannot reliably forecast when it will use all the produce. The food will stay fresher for longer, help the kitchen to reduce food waste and also preserve the food’s vitamins, nutritional value, colour, shape, texture and flavour.

Benefits of Food Vacuum Sealer

Food vacuum storage solutions have many benefits for both domestic and commercial operators. The device was designed to store food for longer while preserving its taste, texture, colour and nutritional value. This solution is ideal for commercial operators who purchase products in advance and want to store it so that it does not spoil before the time comes for the ingredients to be used. Here is a list of the benefits of using food vacuum sealers.

Ideal for packing fresh meat & vegetables on a large scale

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Food vacuum sealers can be used to pack fresh meat and vegetables on a large scale. If you have purchased a lot of produce in advance, seal it up so that it stays fresher for longer. This means that you can use exactly what you need at the time when you need it. This avoids wasted food because you incorrectly forecasted the ingredients you would use for the cook.

Suitable for big corporate butchers

Large corporate butchers that operate on volume and high customer demand need to be able to store produce hygienically and in an efficient manner. Food vacuum sealers achieve this goal because they can seal a lot of produce in a short amount of time. Food can be packed and stored at the end of the day so that it is ready for the next trading day. This helps when produce remains but should not be wasted.

Perfect solution for supermarket Delis

A food vacuum sealer is a perfect solution for supermarket delis when they sell food to customers or need to store produce at the end of the day. The produce can be packed and sold as is without having to transfer it to display trays. This will minimise the handling of the product and ensure that it stays fresh for longer without any exposure to the environment.

Time-saving and require less manpower

The food vacuum sealer saves time and requires less manpower. The automatic vacuum pump can be set to extract the right amount of oxygen without damaging the contents of the food. This can all be achieved in a short period of time, depending on the capacity of the vacuum processor. Only one person needs to operate the machine while others focus on different aspects of the cook.

Hygienic Storage

Food vacuum storage solutions offer a hygienic way to seal and store food. When oxygen is extracted from the food contents, it helps to minimise the growth of bacteria and other harmful toxins and parasites. As the food is preserved in the pouch, it will stay fresher for longer and still taste the same. When the product needs to be used, open the bag and use it without having to clean or treat the food. You can also heat up the food by placing the bag into boiling water.

Save ingredients

You can save ingredients with a food vacuum sealer. If you purchase produce in advance and need them to last longer, vacuum seal the produce carefully and store appropriately in either a freezer or refrigerator. If stored correctly, your ingredients will not spoil, and this process will help you to save money in the long run. You can also better forecast and budget for ingredients by labelling your items with a reliable use by date.

Save refrigeration space

A vacuum sealer extracts the oxygen from the food and compresses the contents into a vacuum-sealed pouch. The overall volume of the packing pouch will be less, so you can save on refrigeration space and store more contents in your fridge or freezer. This is ideal for busy kitchens that store a lot of food regularly.

What we have for you

GMPS Smart Pack Food Vacuum Sealer: This fully automatic food vacuum sealer can pack 9 pouches per minute and the size of the packs can range between 90 x 90 mm and 240 x 240 mm. With an LCD display to provide temperature, sealing, time and speed information, this model is suited for busy kitchens.

LAMPACK16B Food Vacuum Sealer: This vacuum packing machine packs and seals food products in pouches. The body and chamber are constructed in stainless steel and it has a clear heavy-duty sealing lid to ensure uniform packing. With an extra wide 410 mm sealing bar, you can preserve various types of food.

LAMPACK6 Food Vacuum Sealer: This vacuum sealer has a wide 270 mm sealing bar and offers a variable vacuum setting to ensure that the food contents remain in shape during the sealing process. With a digital display showing helpful timer and sealing information, kitchens experiencing high demand can prepare food in advance.

E60/E100 Food Vacuum Sealer: This powerful vacuum sealer features 9 pre-programmed vacuum sealing functions making the process simple. With a large chamber and small footprint, this machine is ideal for kitchens of all sizes. With a one pass operation, sealing will be completed without much effort.

T60-T100 Food Vacuum Sealer: This revolutionary vacuum sealer can store up to 10 program settings so that the operator does not have to set the device each time. With an option for dual sealing bars, a faster throughput is available for busy kitchens. The intelligent soft air feature reinserts air to preserve even the most fragile types of food.

FAQ’s – Benefits of Food Vacuum Sealer

How does a vacuum food sealer work?

To use a food vacuum sealer, you will need to acquire the device with special pouches. Place the food carefully into the bag and then insert the open end into the sealer. The machine will extract the oxygen from the contents of the bag and seal the bag carefully to preserve the food contents for a longer period of time.

Do Food Vacuum Sealers really keep food fresh?

Yes. Provided the food was not spoilt before insertion into the pouch for vacuum sealing, the food will stay fresh when sealed (but not for an infinite period of time!). Vacuum sealed food will taste and look the same.

What should I look for when buying a commercial food vacuum sealer?

You need to check that the vacuum sealer is of a reasonable size based on the types of food that you will be preparing. You will want to consider the capacity, its features, the types of bags that it uses and the processing time.

How much more does it cost to use food vacuum storage solutions versus other approaches such as Ziploc?

The cost is significantly higher given a food vacuum storage solution is a technological appliance whereas Ziploc bags are not. The cost of a food vacuum device will vary depending on the size and its features, so make sure you choose a model suited to your needs and requirements.

What are key things to remember while using food vacuum sealers?

A vacuum sealer works on extracting oxygen through a vacuum. Given the inflow pressure, a vacuum sealer will also extract liquids, crumbs and other loose ingredients. Make sure such items are frozen before vacuum sealing. Also, vacuum sealing will not prevent food from spoiling. You will still need to freeze, refrigerate or appropriately store the food. In addition, make sure you do not overfill the bag, the bag is not damaged or crinkled and that the bag seals completely.

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