Measure Food Accurately With Commercial Food Weighing Scales

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Commercial Food Weighing Scales

Our scales offer more capabilities than weighing and pricing. For retailers, our scales can display promotional information, informative descriptions and advertisements. For warehouses, our scales are portable and they will totalise cumulatively.

The Avery Berkel range of food weighing scales uses precision technology and has been manufactured to maintain accuracy. Calibrated to deliver precision results, our scales are recognised by the National Measurement Institute. These leading UK-made scales that have been carefully selected for our market and customer needs.

1. Benchtop Scales

The benchtop scales are ideal for commercial retail environments. We stock scales that provide simple pricing and totalising features. We also stock scales that can display promotional image and video information for a better customer experience. Our scales can connect to the back-office software allowing you to manage promotional images and easily update product information.

2. Platform and Fork-Lift Scales

Our platform and fork-lift scales are ideal for warehouses and facilities dealing with imports and exports. Our platform scale is simple to use and allows the operator to calculate the total for a batch of products with ease. Our fork-lift scales provide timely information en-route which minimises delay and prevents inaccuracies in weighing heavy items.

3. Counting Scales

The general purpose counting scales are ideal for counting applications that require a simple and user-friendly device. The scales are portable and their high performance construction ensures that they will provide superior results every time. Our more advanced counting scale can store and recall 1,000 data sets and it can generate a range of labels with or without bar codes, for improved speed of production and traceability.

Weigh accurately and professionally with commercial food weighing scales from Brice Australia. Call us on 1300 664 880 to have a discussion with us about your food weighing requirements.


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